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Private Voice Study with Linda

Linda offers private voice lessons both in-person and on SKYPE.
Below are testimonials from three individuals who have taken lessons from Linda. For more information and to arrange lessons with Linda, please email her here.
voice student testimonial

Marilyn Olsen

“I have had the great privilege of working with Linda Eder at a couple of master classes and then again in private lessons. Besides being one of the most talented and exciting female singers performing today, she is warm, approachable and giving of her time. She is a gifted teacher, and my time spent studying with her has definitely given me a better understanding of my own voice and how to use it properly. I am still in awe of her vocal abilities, and her amazing stage presence whenever I have the opportunity to see her in concert. She is truly the entire package: talent, charisma, intelligence, philanthropy all rolled into an amazing human. Thank you Linda and best of luck with your new album!” ~ Marilyn Olsen

Linda and voice student, Jessica Zeller

voice student testimonial

Lauryn Pogue

“A few years ago I had the opportunity to take voice lessons from my favorite singer, Linda Eder. I was nervous and excited all at the same time! They were done over Skype, from her living room to mine. Linda was a tough coach, but always constructive. She never let me give up! She taught me how to ‘sit on my air’ so I could hold notes longer. I think that really helped me the most. She taught me some very good vocal exercises to warm up my voice. The last thing she taught me was how to put emotion into the song, not only through my body language, but through the way the notes come out of my mouth. I only took a few lessons from her, but I learned more from her in those few lessons than I did from a previous voice teacher I had been with for over a year. I thank Linda everyday for the vocal techniques I learned from her.” ~ Lauryn Pogue

Voice Student, Marilyn Olsen, and Linda

voice student testimonial

Jessica Zeller

“Working with Linda was a dream come true as she was the person who inspired me to be a singer. What I loved most about our voice lessons was her patience in trying new exercises to help me improve my technique. She had some pretty unconventional methods up her sleeve, but I enjoyed working on them and really appreciated how patient she was when something didn’t click right away. She would work with me until I mastered it, and then she would celebrate it, which speaks volumes about her dedication to her students. Linda also stressed the importance of being your own singer. There are unique qualities, vocal and artistic, that set you apart from everyone else, and the key to being a successful artist is embracing that without question. Thank you so much, Linda!” ~ Jessica Zeller

Linda and voice student, Lauryn Pogue


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