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What value does a gift have if it is not shared with others? For so many years, Linda has shared the gift of her amazing voice with the world, and in so doing she has brought joy to all who have experienced her incomparable talent. She has also been a role model for so many young aspiring singers over the years as she performed all across the USA. In addition to sharing her vocal prowess on the stage, Linda has shared her warmth and human kindness at many, many stage doors after her concerts.

In recent months, Linda has reached out to share something else… the knowledge and experience she has acquired over the years as she performed in front of audiences. Through private lessons as well as a Master Class at the Warner Theatre in Torrington, Connecticut, Linda has shared her wisdom and knowledge with those who were so eager to learn from the best.

Lauryn Stewart was one of Linda’s first private vocal students this spring and needless to say, she made the most of this incredible opportunity. It was without doubt “a dream come true” for her, as you will see from what she has shared with Linda’s fans.

Lauryn Stewart from California writes…

A Dream Come True

Lauryn and Linda

As we grow up, we figure out who the people are that we look up to and what we want to be. I have always loved to sing. Music has been in my veins since I was four years old.

Flash forward to my first year of college. I had a really good friend who was into very obscure musicals. He played the music from JEKYLL & HYDE for me and I loved it. I searched the internet to see who the actors were from this musical, and it was then I first discovered Linda Eder. I bought almost every CD she put out and started learning her songs. I wanted to be able to sing just like her, but I knew that was not going to be reachable on my own. I had always told myself that I did not want to take voice lessons. I wanted to be self-taught. I performed here and there and had been told I was good, but I didn’t want to be just good.

I started taking voice lessons with my current teacher, Duff Rowden, and he has taught me so much. I had recorded a few of Linda’s songs when I was working with him. One day I thought, “Wouldn’t it be amazing if I could work with Linda or sing with her!”

I remember the day like it was yesterday. I was on my way to the San Diego Zoo with a few friends. I had seen a Facebook post about Linda Eder teaching private voice lessons. I was trying to figure out how it was going to work with Linda being in New York and me being in Southern California. I was a little nervous that the only way it would happen would be by travelling to New York. Thankfully, Linda would be setting up Skype lessons for those who did not live in New York. I signed up for five thirty-minute Skype lessons, and upon being selected as one of her Winter/Spring students, I was ecstatic. I was given three months to pick from to set up our lesson dates. I had to e-mail Linda the time and dates that I wanted to schedule. It was so surreal to me; I was e-mailing and finally getting to work with LINDA EDER! She was going to be my teacher; I was pretty much in shock.

The day of my first lesson came. I had to work that morning and could barely concentrate. My lesson started at 2:30, and I my stomach was in knots. Linda had given me a list of songs to pick from and told me to pick a song that had elements I wanted to work on. I chose the song “Gold” because I wanted to perfect my belt. Linda e-mailed me the track I had chosen. After working on the song, I started to regret choosing “Gold.” It is such a big song and I thought, “How am I going to sing it for her?” To sing Linda’s song to Linda just made me feel sick.

2:30 rolled around on the day of my first lesson, and my Skype was ringing telling me Linda was calling. She came up on the screen just looking like a normal person. She was wearing normal clothes and looked so down to earth. We talked a little bit and I told her I was nervous. She told me to not feel nervous and that she felt like she already knew me. We had met a few times before, which made this meeting a little easier. She put me at ease with her kind words. I finally sang for her. I sang for LINDA EDER!
As the lessons went on, Linda taught me so many wonderful things. My tone has become purer and my voice has definitely gotten stronger. I bounced what Linda was telling me off of my other voice teacher, and they both kicked my butt into high gear. Linda gave me useful warm-ups that have only perfected how I sing. She taught me breathing techniques and told me that some of the things I had been doing could have hurt my vocal chords. I knew Linda was tough. She was very constructive in her criticism and not one to sugarcoat anything, I loved it. I had been so used to hearing all of the good and amazing things I could do with my voice. It was nice to finally hear the things I needed to work on. It wasn’t all business. Linda cracked jokes too. She is a very funny and sweet woman.

At first, I was singing in front of Linda Eder. By the end, I was singing in front of Linda. She was just a real down-to-earth and honest person, and she made me completely comfortable. Is she my absolute favorite singer? Heck, yeah, she is, but she made me feel so calm. She boosted my confidence through the roof. She let me know I could do this; I could be the singer I wanted to be. I think the one time I almost melted to the ground was when we really started to work on “Gold.” We dedicated one day to just working on the song. Linda started to sing the song and then I would repeat it. I loved the fact that she was singing it. There was one point when she asked me to sing with her. I sang with Linda Eder; even if it was just one line, I sang with my favorite singer!

To anyone who is thinking about signing up for these lessons, do it! You will not regret it. If you are signing up just to see Linda Eder, don’t. Sign up with a purpose; sign up to be taught. She is an amazing teacher. Like I said, she is very calm, motivating and will really tell you what you need to work on. She asks you what your goals are, and she will definitely get you there. Of course, she can’t do all of the work… you have to be dedicated too. I felt so accomplished after working with her. I am able to sing songs I never could have sung a few months ago. I am able to sing Opera songs all because of the techniques Linda taught me. Because of the warm-ups, breathing techniques and exercises Linda told me to do, everyone has noticed a change in my voice.

Thank you, Linda, for everything! You truly are an amazing teacher.

On April 20, 2013, Linda traveled to Torrington, Connecticut to teach a Master Class at the Warner Theatre. It was a bright sunny day, and Linda arrived to a very enthusiastic audience that was eager to soak up all that she had to share about singing from her years of experience. Two lucky singers who were privileged to attend this class, Amorette Languell and Donna Wolfson, have shared their thoughts on what attending this class meant to them.

Amorette Languell from Connecticut writes…

On Saturday, April 20th, it was my pleasure to attend a master class with Linda Eder sponsored by the Warner Theatre Center for Arts Education in Torrington, Connecticut. I have been a fan of Linda’s since I first heard a recording of JEKYLL & HYDE, so I jumped at the chance to participate.

My involvement in musical theatre is normally as a reed player in the orchestra, and I have performed in dozens of pits both on the Main Stage of the Warner and in the adjacent Studio Theatre. I have promised myself that I will someday end up on stage for a show rather than in the pit, and my dream role is to be Lucy.

While I have been a music teacher for six years, I have only recently begun to seriously take voice lessons. Within the past few months, we have completely changed my approach to singing.

Linda and one of the volunteers at the master class
(photo courtesy of Warner Theatre)

During the 2 ½ hours spent at the class, Linda was able to work with eight volunteers and while I was further down the volunteer list and did not have the chance to sing for Linda during this particular session, it was very reassuring to hear her reinforce everything that I am currently working on.

While watching Linda work with the other volunteers, I was able to grab quite a few bits of information that will be helpful in my continued study. She spoke often of using our “Elmo Voice” to find the correct tongue placement to aide in the blending of belting and head voice, something that I have been struggling with. Additionally, I learned much about how to improve my diction. We spoke of using the first syllable of each word as a springboard and to make sure we knew both the melody and lyrics to find the words that we are aiming for while we sing.

This was one of the most informative and rewarding master classes that I have ever attended. Linda was very personable and very real with all of us. I hope that she is invited to our location again in the near future, and I would definitely attend another session.

Donna Wolfson from Connecticut writes…

I just got back from the Warner Theatre in Torrington, Connecticut where I attended Linda Eder’s Master Class. What a great way to get pointers for those voice and musical theater students who were lucky to be there! It was a large crowd and Linda was very friendly and helpful. She gave tips on various techniques to help warm up before performing in addition to many suggestions for a lot of the students who were trying to break into the Broadway theatre world.

Linda and one of the volunteers at the master class
(photo courtesy of Warner Theatre)

Individuals were able to perform a song while Linda would assess the voice and apply some constructive recommendations. What was really great was that it was done in a totally casual and comfortable setting. This helped alleviate some of the intimidation and nervous jitters singers sometimes experienced in front of an audience.

After the class, Linda was gracious enough to stay and sign autographs and take pictures with her various fans. Because she had already stayed over the allotted time, I felt a bit apprehensive in approaching her so I am officially thanking her in this newsletter for a fantastic job.

What a treat… and now when is Linda’s next visit to the Warner for a performance?


Nancy Sasso Janis, a guest at Linda’s Master Class, wrote of the experience from her perspective for the NaugatuckPatch. You can read her post by clicking here.

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