The Voice

EDER-tors' Note: On March 2, 2013, Linda traveled to Birmingham, Alabama for a return engagement with the Alabama Symphony Orchestra, and on March 18th and 19th, she made her first appearance at the Crest Theatre in Delray Beach, Florida. A special thank you from Linda and THE VOICE goes out to the wonderful fans who have shared their thoughts and photos from these shows… John Ambrose, William Butler, Richard Claiborne, Rob Genova, David London, and Sean Meara from the Birmingham show, plus Lou Cabibi and Ann Johnson from the Delray Beach shows.

John Ambrose from Alabama writes…

Chasing the Voice

Linda on stage (photo courtesy of Rob Genova)

My story was intended to be a testimonial of Linda’s recent visit to Birmingham, Alabama. However, the story goes back slightly before Ms. Eder’s March 2, 2013 Concert with the Alabama Symphony Orchestra. As a fan of Linda since the first concept recording of Jekyll & Hyde, I spent much of my college and early married years chasing Ms. Eder across the country to various J&H tour stops and even the now and again Christmas show or the infrequent opportunities to catch Linda in her ideal setting… an intimate space with just Linda and a 3 piece band. Thus when I heard Linda would be performing at 54 Below this past January, I grabbed 4 seats immediately. Knowing Linda rarely finds her way to “Sweet Home Alabama,” I figured I better jump on the opportunity to see Ms. Eder in such a perfect venue.  Shortly after purchasing my tickets “Below,” a friend informed me Linda was booked to make her Birmingham return just 6 weeks later.  Needless to say I had a bit of buyer’s remorse.  Had I not bought “Below” tickets, I could have seen Linda in my hometown and foregone a frigid January travel to NYC for a much more enjoyable spring event.  It’s funny how luck sometimes works out. Linda got the flu and had to cancel all January performances at 54 Below. I felt terrible for being so excited my favorite singer was sick, but it was the perfect way to get a full refund and see Linda just 3 miles away.

Ok, so let’s get on with the show… I brought the perfect group of people to see Linda and the Alabama Symphony Orchestra. We had a former Simon Stride from the Jekyll & Hyde National Tour, a Broadway veteran and Radio City Rockette who loves Linda but has never gotten to catch her live, and three friends who were getting their first lesson in Ederfication. The night opened with an effervescent “Almost Like Being in Love.”  Linda then took us straight into J & H with “Someone Like You.” Linda still sounded as pitch perfect that night as she did on the original concept recording. The night continued with many of Linda’s greatest hits such as “Anthem,” “Gold” and “Man of La Mancha,” soaring musical numbers where Linda showcased her amazing voice and utilized the benefits of the large orchestra.   The night was filled with magical musical moments we all expect from a Linda concert, but the thing I loved most about the concert was getting to hear Linda talk. “The Voice” is “Real.” She is an authentic, likable and approachable artist who gives her audience insight into her daily life and the simple joys she finds exciting.  Anyone who sits through one of her concerts knows she is as comfortable holding the mic as she is sitting on a horse or carpooling. Linda Eder is “The REAL Voice.” 

William Butler from Tennessee writes…

After many years of wanting to see Linda but not having the chance to do so, I was finally blessed to see her in Birmingham, Alabama, on March 2. After squiring my wife to another concert in Atlanta the previous evening, we drove all the way back to our home near Nashville to feed our animals, then turned around and drove back to see Linda for four hours through snow. I’m the one who was determined to get to that concert, come heck or high water. I’m writing because I wanted to give Linda props from a “non-traditional” portion of her cult following. Although I have a music minor and I’m a professional (and I’m sure neither of those is unusual for her devoted fan base), I’m also a southern country boy who likes football and enjoys many other musical styles, including bluegrass and even heavy metal. 

Asked to give one word to describe her voice to someone else, I once used the word “purity.” Like George Benson on jazz guitar or Neil Pert on drums, every note Linda sings is un-muffled and un-adulterated—because it doesn’t need to be. Her voice doesn’t need “quirks” to be distinct; it’s distinct precisely because of the absence of imperfections, clear and crisp as water flowing from a mountain stream.  While Linda adds flourishes, emotional and musical, to all her interpretations that make each song uniquely her own, the voice itself is simple perfection. 

Hero worship out of the way, Linda performed with the Alabama Symphony Orchestra, and so her selections were those which lent themselves to orchestral arrangements. If you’ve never seen/heard her perform with a full orchestra, make the effort. Linda stated there’s nothing like performing with a full orchestra for her as a performer, and I believe it. 

Audience-watching was almost as much fun for me as hearing Linda for the first time live, because many other attendees were apparently “pops” series subscribers who didn’t know who she was. Very wise with a southern audience, she made mention of her neighbors viewing her as that strange singer who would be out riding her own tractor on her farm. I imagine that more than a few decided from that point on that she had to be OK if she had a farm and used her own tractor!

While she doesn’t attempt to have a constant, running monologue with the audience as some performers do, she is incredibly charming, and comes across as a very real and approachable person. Ever the lady, she nonetheless has no air of “diva” about her. 

She does, however, do an excellent job of explaining why certain songs are important to her. Linda performed several Judy Garland selections, including a medley, and while some of the audience may not have fully appreciated the technical difficulty of singing along with the minor chords in some of the tunes, “Over the Rainbow” was nonetheless, as always, quite the crowd-pleaser.  

I was also delighted, and a bit surprised, to hear from the rousing reaction that one of my all-time Linda favorites [EDER-ites?], “Man of La Mancha,” was appreciated by everyone else as well. No one else in attendance seemed to have a problem with the fact she was singing a tune written for a man either. Eat your heart out, Robert Goulet!

Very special for me was Linda telling the story of how excited she was that “Gold” was chosen for the opening ceremonies of the winter Olympics, only to be disappointed that the presenters failed to mention that it was her song! I vividly remember yelling to my wife in the next room at the time, “They’re using Linda’s song,” followed by, “but the [bleeps] didn’t say it was her!” It was kinda neat to know she had the same reaction.

Concluding with the emotional, “If I Had My Way,” she received a well-deserved standing ovation. 

Perhaps the most two complimentary informal “reviews” by concert-goers were said by one crusty, elderly, country gentleman to another on the way out of the auditorium: “That was a beautiful song right there [“If I Had My Way,”]. I nearly caught muh-self cryin’. Ya know, I think she may be the best ‘un we’ve had come in here yet.” For the majority of you from other parts of the country, know this:  there is no higher praise from such folks.

Thank you sincerely for a treasured memory, Linda. You (and that wonderful Stradivarius of a voice with which you’re blessed) were well worth the wait and the multi-hour drive through the snow. Next up: a four day trip for my wife to New York sometime in the next year, so she’ll accompany me to one of your “local” concerts.

Richard Claiborne from Tennessee writes…

What constitutes a dream come true for me? That’s easy! Seeing Linda Eder “live!” After buying and almost wearing out her CDs, I was finally able to experience the greatest female voice I have ever heard in person. I don’t live near cities where Linda often performs, and due to a number of personal circumstances I was not able to travel to any of her concerts before this one. Some of the best friends in the world made this trip to Birmingham possible for me.

I have to apologize here. I have been following Linda’s web site for quite a few years. I’m one of those who read about her, but I have never felt comfortable being vocal. When I saw reviews of her shows, I thought I would like to do a review also. I didn’t know where to send it but a friend helped me out with how to get in touch with the right person. I planned to write down which songs Linda sang with the Symphony, but I was too wrapped up in her performance and just wanted to listen and absorb the beauty. I don’t have a list of songs, but I know which one I thought was the most pure and beautiful. That one song that moved me the most was “If I Had My Way.”

Thank you, Linda, for a memory that will last a lifetime, no matter how long that will be. I don’t know if you are aware of how much your voice touches the hearts and souls of people, but I want you to know how much it has touched mine. God has given you a gift, and you have not kept it hidden. You have shared your heart and soul through your music and made a huge difference in my life.


Rob Genova from Florida writes…

It was Saturday, March 2nd, 9 A.M. The outside temperature was a brisk 45 degrees. Now, that may not sound too cool for some of you but for us in Northern Florida, that’s a bit on the chilly side. Regardless of the temperature, my wife, Shirley, and I were excited to begin our five-hour journey northward to Birmingham, Alabama. For it was not an ordinary day for us. We were on our way to see Linda Eder in concert performing with the Alabama Symphony Orchestra.

Although I’ve never seen her in concert before this night, I have been a fan of Linda’s for many years. However, Shirley was not too familiar with her music. She has heard bits and pieces of her music from time to time when I have had a CD playing in the car or Linda’s DVD “Christmas Stays the Same” playing during the holidays. So, I took advantage of our travel time together playing some of my Linda CD collection and telling her things I knew about Linda’s life and career.
The time flew as we talked and listened to the music. I had programmed the car’s navigation system to take us directly to the night’s venue; the Leslie Stephen Wright Fine Arts Center at Samford University.  I wanted to make sure that we knew exactly where we were supposed to be when the time came for the concert to begin.

We took a right onto the campus of Samford University as the navigation system stated, “You have reached your final destination.” Never before being on the University’s grounds, it took a few minutes to get our bearings. However, it did not take very long to spot the Wright Center. The huge building and its architectural design was breathtaking. We got out of the car, not before noticing the temperature outside had dipped to 36 degrees… Brrrrrr! As we got ready to walk up the marble steps to go inside, it began to snow. Small flakes but nonetheless snow just the same. Was this a sign of a magical night to come?

It was only a little after 2 P.M. and the show was not scheduled to start until 8 P.M., but I wanted to go inside to see about getting our tickets which were waiting at “will call.” We made our way into the building; surprising greeted by silence. The building was dark and it appeared no one was around. I found the ticket windows.  Both were closed. I knew the seats I had reserved nearly four months earlier were front row and to the right of the orchestra. I was determined to get the “lay of the land” and find our seats if possible. So, we ventured onward, using the posted signs as our guide. Finding what seemed to be the right door, I eagerly but cautiously opened the door just enough that I could get a peek inside.
There was just enough lighting that I could see how the theatre was arranged and at least two people preparing for the night’s event.  My curiosity satisfied, I closed the door and we made our way back to our vehicle.

The Wright Center (photo courtesy of Rob Genova)

We decided to go to our hotel and find someplace to eat. We got checked into the hotel which was conveniently located near the Wright Center. Then we determined where we would eat and made our way there, ate our dinner, and went back to the hotel. Time slowed down to what seemed to be a slow crawl! The old saying of “a watched pot never boils” could not have been truer each time I looked at the time illuminating from my cell phone. Eventually, time did indeed pass. It was time to get ready for the main event of our evening.

It took no time at all to arrive back at the Wright Center. Now there were several staff and student volunteers bustling about the lobby area preparing for the arrival of the audience members. I made my way to the “will call” area where I was politely greeted by a young lady who asked my name. I gave her the information she requested and was promptly given our tickets. I thanked her and we went to find a place to sit until they began allowing the audience to enter the theatre.

Now it seemed as if time finally was working in our favor. Soon, two of the students standing at the ticket box on our side of the theatre made the announcement, “We are now taking tickets so you can enter the theatre and find your seats.” The four month wait was almost over. Shirley and I were about to see Linda perform!

We made our way to our seats and waited patiently for the show to begin. One by one, the orchestra members began to take the stage. Each played bars of music and meticulously tuned their instruments. At the time, none of them seemed to be playing the same thing, and I really don’t know how they were able to concentrate.  However, somehow they were able to block out all the other commotion except for their own instrument. After all the orchestra members took to the stage, the conductor for the evening also took his position. Finally, it was time for the show to begin!

This was a Symphony Orchestra Red Diamond SuperPOPS concert series event; therefore, the orchestra would play first before Linda would join them on stage.  Essentially they were the opening act. And what an opening act they were. The conductor, Christopher Confessore, introduced himself and went on to explain that they had prepared several marches for our listening enjoyment. Enjoy we did! The orchestra sounded magnificent.  There was even some audience participation.  The conductor had us whistle during the “Colonel Bogey March;” mostly known for its inclusion in the 1957 film “The Bridge on the River Kwai.” It was a great way to start the night.

The orchestra took a short intermission but swiftly returned to their positions.  The conductor too returned, turned to the audience and introduced Linda. She entered from stage left wearing a beautiful red gown. As she crossed to center stage, she passed right in front of us. Linda looked simply stunning!

Linda's opening number, “Almost Like Being in Love.”
(photo courtesy of Rob Genova)

She began the evening with “Almost Like Being in Love.” Her voice sparkled and was strong. The bout of illness she had battled during the previous month or so did not seem to be much of a factor. After she completed the song, the theatre was electrified with applause. If this was any indication of how the night was going to go, it was going to be a great night! In between songs, Linda would tell stories of her life on and off stage, how she chose the songs for this performance with a full orchestra in mind, and how much she idolized Judy Garland (many of the songs she sang were Judy songs). At one point early on, she thanked the conductor and the orchestra; stating how nice it was to be back for the second time singing with the “Atlanta Symphony Orchestra.” YEP… she goofed! Blushingly, she quickly corrected herself and everyone had a good laugh. The rest of the night was just as joyful.

Some of the most memorable moments for me were when Linda sang “Someone Like You” from Jekyll & Hyde, the theme song from “Valley of the Dolls,” and “Gold.” Linda really brought the house down when she sang “Vienna.” That song is so powerful, even on CD, but to hear it live… well, it is a moment I will NEVER forget. She finished the original set with “Man of La Manch,” for which she received a standing ovation. During the applause, she thanked the audience, wished us a good night, and left the stage. Shouts of “Encore, Encore!” filled the theatre. We were still applauding when Linda came back out and said, “Ok, so I have one more for you!” She proceeded to tell us the story of how this song was written and then emotionally sang “If I Had My Way.” After the song was over, Linda smiled and thanked us all again as she left the stage to thunderous applause.

From the first note I was mesmerized. I tried to take in everything I could from the night’s experience; from the orchestra to the way Linda looked and sounded.  Linda is a true entertainer and professional. She even gained a new fan. Shirley could not stop talking about how much she enjoyed the music and how she was impressed with Linda and the orchestra. We talked about the show the rest of the evening and just about all the way back home too! The only regret I have is Linda was unable to come out and meet with us after the show (I was told she had a private engagement to attend so she would not be coming out to meet us). I was so hoping to meet her, give her a hug, and thank her for lifting the world to a better place with her exquisite voice. Even though it was not meant to be this time around, I will always cherish the memories of this night. I hope Linda will be this way again soon. For when she is, I know of at least two fans who will be there ready to take in the wonderful sounds of “The Voice!”

Sean Meara from Georgia writes…

On March 2nd, I had the wonderful privilege of seeing Linda Eder perform with the Alabama Symphony Orchestra in Birmingham. I went with my friend Daniel, whom I recently got hooked onto Linda’s luscious tones. When we arrived and had a chance to look at the program, I was shocked. The program included works from composers such as Berlioz, Delibes, and Elgar, and I whispered to Daniel, “All these composers are dead! We’re going to see a whole different Linda!” Once the orchestra started to play, we realized she wouldn't be appearing until after the intermission. That was a blonde moment, for sure!

During the intermission, Daniel asked me if Linda was taking requests, what would be the one song I would like her to sing. I thought for a minute and decided on “Man of La Mancha.” The last time I saw her, she played with a contemporary band and not a symphony orchestra. The arrangement she performs is so recognizable because of the solo trumpet call that begins the piece. To my ecstatic joy, that was the piece she closed with! Other favorites she performed were “Gold,” “If I Had My Way,” “Vienna,” and of course, “Someone Like You.” She also performed several Judy Garland pieces, which were such a delight.

Linda has such a strong and commanding stage presence, a beautiful and versatile voice, and a great sense of humor. I’ll definitely be seeing her the next time she performs in the Southeast!

David London (Stage Manager of the Crest Theatre) from Florida writes…

I have been a fan of Linda Eder for better than 20 years I imagine… since I discovered the Jekyll & Hyde demo with Colm Wilkinson I guess. For 15 years, I have been after our cabaret producer to bring her to our theatre in Delray Beach, Florida. The wait is over. I finally got to Stage Manage for Ms. Eder, and she was even better than any of us had hoped for. Not only that, she was just charming and lovely as could be. A true professional in every way. We hope she will be back soon, but I have one more item off the bucket list. Thanks, Linda, for being you.

Ellen Jacobs from New Jersey and Florida writes…

THE VOICE Eder-tor Ellen Jacobs with Linda

The Crest Theatre, a charming little venue in bustling downtown Delray Beach, Florida, played host to Linda Eder for two nights of wonderful music on the evenings of March 18 and 19, 2013. The Crest boasts an intimate setting with first class acoustics, a perfect venue for the audience to experience Linda’s amazing performance of a wide range of musical styles as well as her endearing charm and charisma on stage. It is an added bonus when Linda is accompanied by three instruments skillfully played so as to allow the audience to thoroughly enjoy the purity of her voice. The incredibly talented Keith Cotton (musical director, piano), Peter Calo (guitar) and David Finck (bass) truly were outstanding in showcasing Linda’s voice.

On both evenings, the audiences warmly welcomed Linda for her first appearance in this lovely town on the East Coast. She entertained them with selections from her “Songbirds” show, paying tribute to Etta James, Barbra Streisand, Patsy Cline, and Adele. She included songs from several of her recordings, namely BRODWAY MY WAY, THE OTHER SIDE OF ME, SOUNDTRACK, and NOW. Of course, no performance would be complete without a song or two from JEKYLL & HYDE. On these evenings, the audiences were very lucky to hear both “Someone Like You” and “A New Life.” What a special treat!

Ellen Jacobs, Linda and Fan Kris Reid (Ellen's cousin)

Instead of focusing on the different song selections, this review will focus on one fun moment and the most special moment in the two Delray Beach shows. As her fans know, Linda enjoys telling little anecdotes during her shows, and one great anecdote was told with a new chapter added during at the Crest Theatre. Those of you who have attended Linda’s shows fairly recently have probably heard her tell the story of meeting one of her son’s newer friends and his father. Here’s a little summary for those who have not heard the story. Jake invited his new friend, Jesse, over to his house to hang out. When Linda drove Jesse home, she spent a little time chatting with his father. Knowing that Linda is a singer (a singer who drives a tractor!), he mentioned that his sister is a singer of classical music. Linda has heard this type of comment many times before, so she basically brushed it off with “That’s nice!” The next time she saw Jesse, she asked him his last name and he replied, “Fleming.” Linda’s Light Bulb Moment… Fleming… as in Renee Fleming!!! Only the most famous classical soprano today and I just brushed her off with “That’s nice!”

The story has added another chapter in the past few weeks. Linda related how she was going through security at the airport and who was in line with her… Renee Fleming! She had a chance to share the story of Jesse and her meeting with his father, and they both had a chuckle over it. :-)

Fan J.C. Mejia Botero, Fan Rosanna Ziff (Ronni Hart's Mom), Linda and Fan Vinny Munno

Now on to the most special moment during the two performances in Delray Beach…. After a few songs in the second act, Linda began to speak about her high school years as she has done so many times before when introducing a song from JEKYLL & HYDE. She explained how the choir teacher and the drama teacher didn’t get along and how she chose to give her loyalty to the choir teacher. She was never a part of a theatre production until her senior year when she played Mother Abbess in THE SOUND OF MUSIC.

Digressing a little, Linda told the audience about the costumes worn by the nuns in this production. Since there wasn’t much money to make costumes, they made them from some material they were given. (like Maria making play clothes from the curtains for the Von Trapp children in this show!)They took the white material and wrapped it around their heads almost like turbans and placed the black veils on top. The material for the black veils was so transparent that the audience could see right through it in the stage lights. All the they could see were these huge white heads moving around the stage. :-)

Keith Cotton applauding Linda as she leaves the stage

When Linda spoke about playing Mother Abbess as a senior in high school during previous shows, she followed it by saying, “I went from playing Mother Abbess in THE SOUND OF MUSIC to playing a prostitute on Broadway!” She usually followed this statement with a gorgeous performance of “Someone Like You” from JEKYLL & HYDE, which is what the audiences expected. But this was not to be on March 18th and 19th at the Crest Theatre. Linda had a surprise, or perhaps more aptly put, a GIFT for the unsuspecting audience members. After a few notes of intro music on the piano, Linda treated them to the most exquisite performance of “Climb Every Mountain,” and you could have heard a pin drop. The performance of this song was so special that it almost defies description! The audiences sat with rapt attention and wonderment as Linda slowly and expertly ascended the musical mountain with a crystal clear sound, an ethereal presence, and a deep emotional connection to the lyrics. We all felt we reached our dream right along with Linda as she hit the final note!

The show continued and although the remaining songs in the second act were all so special, the beauty of Linda’s encore, “I’m Always Chasing Rainbows/Over The Rainbow,” seemed to tie in perfectly with the magnificence of “Climb Every Mountain.” Both songs perfectly showcased the incomparable Linda Eder at her best, and the final standing ovations on both evenings  were proof that the audiences were most appreciative of the amazing performance they had just experienced. Needless to say, they left with the hope that it won’t be too long before Linda returns to the Crest Theatre!


Lou Cabibi from Florida writes…

Fan Jim Cestado, Linda and Fan Lou Cabibi

When I arrived at the Crest Theatre, imagine how surprised I was to find such an intimate (just another word for small) room, accommodating only 300 persons. There on stage was a grand piano, a bass guitar and an acoustic guitar. That was it. Then... LINDA! 

Gone were the large orchestrations, horns, drums, bells, and whistles that I had experienced a year earlier at the Kravis Center in West Palm Beach. This night was now about Linda, stripped of all the extra instruments that can sometimes overshadow her in a small venue. Tonight Linda was just being simple, intimate, pure, and non-diluted. We got Linda's incredible voice… just what I came to hear. And tonight she sang a lot in her higher soprano register. Just gorgeous!

The next surprise came when it became evident that Linda had a lot more new material than we regular fans are used to. Needless to say, she did a fantastic job with them all: 

“The Summer Knows” (Theme of Summer of ‘42) - Personal favorite
“Someone Like You” (Adele)
“Rolling in the Deep”
“At Last”

But the biggest surprise of the night was Linda singing “Climb Every Mountain.” This was the first time in 14 years that I heard her sing this song “live.” It was absolutely incredible! Linda sang this song a lifetime ago before she became famous, and now she brought us all back to the beginning. All in all, Linda sang at least twenty songs in an hour and a half. She seemed tireless, and to end the entertainment portion of the evening she sang “Over the Rainbow” as her encore.  

Ok, I lied. There was an even bigger surprise next. There was a reception after the show where Jim and I got to socialize with Linda for quite a while. It was an amazing night. Thank you, Linda, for being so gracious after the show. Thank you, Ellen, for being my next seat neighbor. And a big “Thank You” to all the nice employees at the Crest Theatre who assisted Jim in getting into this sold out show. Only one person didn’t show. That person missed a great show.

Ann H. Johnson from Garrison, Minnesota (Linda’s hometown) writes…

Fan Ann Johnson and Linda

When I found out that Linda Eder was performing at the Crest Theatre in Delray Beach, Florida on Monday March 18 and Tuesday March 19, 2013, I was so excited! I am a huge fan, having followed her since her beginning days at Myr Mar Night Club in Garrison, Minnesota. Thus I immediately called in the fall of 2012 for tickets and she was sold out, but I did put my name on the wait list for four tickets. On the 18th I was called late in the afternoon. I got two tickets, and I was so elated. I called my friend from Germany who had never seen Linda before, and off we happily went on a rainy evening.

When Linda appeared on stage in a beautiful midnight blue, sleeveless, short dress that swished as she moved and very high heeled shoes that sparkled, the audience gasped and clapped and clapped. She sang a variety of songs. The first act included “I Will Wait For You,” “Blue Skies,” “At Last,” “The Summer Knows,” “ The Mad Hatter,” “Now” (talked about the opera-like arrangement and her love of opera as a child), “Stormy Weather,” “Crazy,” “Walking After Midnight,” and “On The Street Where You Live.” Her final song before intermission was “Anthem,” and the audience went wild!

Linda opened the second act with “Someone Like You,” which the audience loved! Imagine my surprise when Linda asked if anyone in the audience was from Minnesota! She heard only one person answer and that was me! Imagine her surprise when I told her I was from her hometown, Garrison, Minnesota, and that I saw her very first performances after she graduated from high school! I was thrilled!

Linda continued the second act with “Climb Every Mountain,” “Waiting For The Fall” (which she wrote), “Falling Slowly,” “Charade,” “Someone Like You” (by Adele), “Rolling In The Deep,” “More Than Heaven,” “A New Life,” “Man Of La Mancha,” which brought down the house), and “Over The Rainbow” for the encore.

Linda had so much fun with the musicians, trying to hold her notes longer than they could keep playing. Of course, Linda always won the battle! She also had fun with the audience telling them she would love to dance for them but she can’t dance! In the second act, she told of how she played Mother Abbess in a production of THE SOUND OF MUSIC in high school. She finished by saying, “I went from playing Mother Abbess in high school to playing a prostitute on Broadway!” Linda’s personality shined during the whole show, and the audience loved her sense of humor.                

My friend’s comments after seeing her for the first time were so nice to hear. She said that Linda was everything that I had told her and more, and that it was a most enjoyable evening and she wants to see her again. She said she loved the way the audience was so connected and fascinated with Linda and would start to applaud before she was through singing.          

YES! You guessed it! The next day came and my other friend wanted to go as she loves Linda and has seen her five times. There were no tickets, but we went to the Crest Theatre and waited for tickets anyway. After 8:00 p.m., we were told we could take two seats as the people hadn't come, but if they come, we would have to go. Guess what? We got to see the entire show… my second show and I couldn't be happier. Linda is so easy to listen to from beginning to end, showing her incomparable power, range, and control. She continues to move me with her songs and incredible voice. Her voice has matured through the years and continues to have a hold on her audience.  

On the second evening, my friend’s comments were wonderful. She said that Linda is so beautiful and looks good in everything. She told me she wished the show were twice as long and loved Linda’s choice of songs. She finished by telling me that Linda is so relaxed and gives so much to her audience.            

The best is yet to come! Can you imagine I met a patron of the theatre, and she invited me to the gala after party with Linda. I also met Ellen Jacobs (Editor of Linda's newsletter at, who was so very nice to me. What a fabulous end to a memorable evening! Linda is so very warm to talk to and gracious and a real lady. I look forward to seeing Linda at many more concerts to come and am looking forward to her new Christmas album. I am proud to say I am one of her number one fans. If she ever comes to your town, please don’t miss her!!! 

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