Volume 5 - Edition 1
Summer 2004
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August 2004

Hello Everyone,

So much has happened in a short period of time that I hardly know how to take it all in. I know in one of my other letters I talked about the "seven year itch." I had no idea how "itchy" I was. I actually feel like I'm going through a transformation, and because it is still in progress I don't really know how I will turn out.

I am both nervous and excited about the future. On the career front I have some big projects on the horizon. I have a brand new record deal and new creative people who are working with me to produce a new album. At the time of this writing, I cannot tell you exactly what kind of record it will be and that in itself is very exciting. We are exploring some different directions and working through the long process of finding great songs. Because it's the first album for this label, no one wants to rush and it feels wonderful to have the luxury of taking my time.

As you know, CAMILLE is a huge thing in my life. The show is constantly being adapted and improved with new writing and new songs and soon we will be doing a 45-minute reading in Manhattan. We are one of only four new shows that were chosen. If things go well, we may be doing a short tour to put the show before audiences and critics so that we can see what we have. Getting a show to Broadway is ridiculously hard and there are certainly no guarantees, so it is great that we have been given this opportunity to continue our fight to tell this woman's story. I believe it is a story worth telling and I believe that people will relate to Camille's struggle.

My concert career continues in full swing and for that I am as always very grateful. Every time I get out on the stage I am humbled and blown away by the support and affection that you show. Like anyone, there are tough times in my life when I really need that support and at no time has that need been greater than it has in the last year. It's hard to put into words what you do for me, how you have carried me, held me up, given me courage. I consider myself a big chicken, a big 5'10" chicken, and there have been plenty of times when I just wanted to bury my head in the sand. Of course that is just a euphemism for what I really do when I am afraid or depressed, which is to stay in bed and eat large fattening meals! Who's with me on that? I know I'm not alone. Bottom line is that I can't thank you enough. You are chicken soup for the soul.

As for the concerts, Jeremy and I are at work on some new material which will start to creep into the show. You will see the tell tale "cheat sheets" scattered around the stage and piano because I don't have them locked into my brain yet. The steel trap that is my brain has let me down on more than one occasion, as you all know. Most recently to I think rather humorous effect on "Don't Rain On My Parade," and I would like to again thank that kind young man who helped me out and then stole the show with his stage dancing! He was FABULOUS!

Honestly there are so many people I wish that I could give a real thank you to. I see so many of the same sweet faces in the first few rows and I am amazed at the level of support and the effort put into coming to so many shows.

So many people are responsible for making my "home away from home." All the great fans; my wonderful, talented band that keeps me laughing, teaches me something every night at dinner, and plays so beautifully every show; Jeff Osborne who is always such a positive force, keeping us safe, holding our hands and making us sound as good as we can; Jill Siegel who is going through her own beautiful transformation and as always doing everything with a smile; Dave Hart because no matter what happens he always has the best attitude and a childlike love of life and now has Ronni to share it with; and Jeremy Roberts because I truly mean what I say every night at the end of the show- I don't want to be up there without you.

It's a great job and I'm lucky to have it. However, I never want to forget that it is a job. It's one of the best jobs in the world, but to me it must always be a job and not my life. While I am in this state of transition the one thing that remains ever clear and constant is that whatever else I may be, I am most importantly Jake's Mom. He has just turned five and he is my greatest challenge and my greatest joy. At times he makes me crazy as he tests his boundaries, at times he makes me want to cry from the shear power of the love I feel for him. In the selfish narcissistic world of showbiz he keeps my world real and normal and normal is very good.

Finally, as always, I want to give a very special thank you to the women of THE VOICE, Ellen, Amanda, Lori and everyone else who helps to put this volume together. You are so often among those sweet front row faces. So much time goes into this newsletter and you do such an incredible job.

Here we go again. I hope to see you all "on the road" again!


Linda and the Band at Westbury Music Fair in New York


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