September with a whirlwind month for Linda! But THE VOICE was happy to be able to catch up with her. We hope you'll enjoy reading this most recent "mini interview" and, of course, Linda's answers to your questions.


VOICE: September, 2011has proven to be an extremely busy month for you. How are you and your voice holding up?

LINDA: I was surprised that my voice held up as well as it did. I haven’t sung that many consecutive days in a long time. Even with the lack of sleep, I was still okay. I felt sleepy on my drives home and had a couple nights where I was a little worried about ¾ of the way home, so I started drinking half a cup of coffee before the second show at Feinstein’s. Weird for me but it worked. I had to get home every night for Jake. That was important to me.

VOICE: This summer you brought your show to two Cape Cod venues, the first being Cohasset. Although this was your first gig with John Pizzarelli, were you already familiar with his music?

LINDA: Yes, I had seen him play live with his trio in a club in Manhattan. He is wonderfully talented and seems a genuine throw back to an earlier era of swing and jazz.

VOICE: Did you know he was the voice of “The Wonder Of It All,” the theme song of Foxwoods?

LINDA: Yes, I knew that. Pretty hard not to since they played the commercial all the time.

VOICE: Provincetown, Massachusetts was your second Cape Cod gig. Little did you know the northeast would have an earthquake and a hurricane before this trip. Did you feel the earthquake at your house?

LINDA: I was sitting on my tractor at the time of the earthquake so I did not feel anything. I was already bumping around. I was surprised to learn we had one.

VOICE: And how did you fare during Hurricane Irene?

LINDA: My backyard creek flooded as it always does, but it receded quickly and never came close to my house or barns. I was most afraid of the wind knocking down the big, beautiful, old trees on the property but we didn’t lose any. But the wind, she did blow!!

VOICE: Did you lose power and if so how did you pass the time?

LINDA: I lost power for 6 long days. It was an interesting time. I had prepared really well so we had everything we needed unlike some people around us, but it did get tiring after a certain number of days. We live in an artificially “loud” world and we are so numb to it that we perceive it as silence. When the power goes away and it actually becomes silent, then it is a very different thing. It’s like Joe Pesce in MY COUSIN VINNY. “I can’t sleep! It’s too quiet!” We had outside landscaping projects going on so we just continued on with them, and that’s why the power outage got old. When you have worked outside sweating and getting dirty, you really just want to come in at night, take a nice hot shower, turn on the stove to cook something simple and quick, and then sit down to watch a little TV before you pass out. None of that was possible. You have to put on the charcoal, heat up the water, wash as best you can, cook on the camp stove, heat water to wash dishes, sit in the semi darkness knowing the floor has not been vacuumed in days, and you have three hairy German shepherds. The only thing about dim light is you can’t see the dirt. After the power came back on, I was never so happy to clean house and do laundry in my life.

VOICE: Your stay in Provincetown must have been a blessing in the middle of all this. Did you get to relax a little and enjoy what we all take for granted… the everyday creature comforts of life and the beauty of Cape Cod?

LINDA: I had a room booked for the night before and the night of the show at the most beautiful hotel in town. Because of the power outage at home, I stayed to help take care of things at home and only left to drive to the gig the day of the show. I got about an hour to relax before sound check, and then I went to sleep after the show because the hotel does not have TV’s in the bedroom that I had, only in the sitting room. So I went to sleep — probably a good thing. But I did take a nice hot shower.  

VOICE: Were you able to feel the enthusiasm of the Provincetown audience during the show?

LINDA: Oh, yes! It was special there the first time and this time was no different. I love performing there for that crowd. They made this old girl feel good.

VOICE: Were you surprised when you asked how many have not seen you before, and one single voice called out, “Me?” You evidently were very familiar to the entire audience!

LINDA: I was flattered beyond words.

VOICE: On a scale of 1 to 10, how would you rate the Summer of 2011?

LINDA: A zero for the weather! A ten for getting projects done. 

A few questions from your fans…

APRIL CARTER: Have you ever considered recording “Never My Love” by the Association? I know Marilyn McCoo did a phenomenal remake of it, but I am certain that with your voice and emotional, musical expression, the recording would surpass hers, touching the souls of all who hear it. My husband, Bud, and I have gone through our 40 years together living by the simple but true words of the song... “NEVER, my love.” In 1972 when we married, we had the title engraved into our wedding bands and there it remains. How wonderful it would be to have our favorite song recorded by our favorite songstress!!

LINDA: I have not thought of that but you are right — it is a wonderful heartfelt song. Thank you for thinking of me in that way. Who knows, maybe one day.

As for your 40 years together and still going strong... I think that is fantastic!

MAUREEN S.: This may sound like a persnickety question but every time I hear your version of “Preacher Man” on my iPod, I notice that you changed Billy Ray to Jimmy Ray and I always wonder why.

LINDA: Just a simple mistake that no one around me in the studio caught either. There are a few of those kinds of mistakes on different albums of mine. On one early CD, I sang a line incorrectly that made it completely incorrect grammar and no one including me caught it, even though during the mix sessions you listen to the song over and over and over and over and…

LOU CABIBI: When in your life do you think you will say... “Ok, I've had enough of the road trips. It’s time to now sit home, enjoy life with Jake and the horses, and record a CD every year?” Not that we want to see you disappear, but I was just curious to know if you're tiring of the touring?

LINDA: Yes and no. The gypsy in me loves to get beind the wheel and drive, so if I can be on the ground I like to take the road trips to gigs. If I never had to fly again, I would be very happy.

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