We asked, and so did you! Since THE VOICE posted that Linda would be answering some questions from fans, she has been looking forward to seeing what people wanted to know. She had a fun time answering the fan questions below.

Rob Bock: Is there any Broadway role, past or present, that you would love to tackle?

Linda: I’d have to divorce myself from roles that I like to roles that I think I could do well. I think it would be a hoot to do VICTOR/VICTORIA. Honestly, I am not a theater hound so I don’t live and breathe that world. Most of the best roles that I have seen were written for men.

Antje Bruck: Linda, we all know that you're a big fan of green tea (so am I!). I'm curious to know your favorite main dish, dessert, drink, and snack food. If you could only take one of each to a deserted island, which ones would you choose?

Linda: Hmmmm… main dish, chicken curry with rice. Dessert... rhubarb meringue tart. Snack food… popcorn. Drink… beer.

Lou Cabibi: A few years back you were singing a song called "You're The One" in concert. You mentioned to me you would record it. I know that you have recorded many songs that never made it onto a CD because it wouldn’t fit into the theme. Is this song still a contender for a CD in the near future?

Linda: I don’t think so. We did a couple demos of it and I still like the song. “Live” it is sad and dramatic, but on CD it is too much of a downer.

John Carroll: My daughter is a huge Disney fan and she thinks you sound just like a Disney princess. Would you ever consider lending your voice to one? I'm sure your fans could petition Disney!

Linda: Actually my voice does not really fit the Disney mold. They usually use head voice singers with a lighter tone. If you notice, they all tend to sound alike. I suppose I could play the villain!

James Desimone: Do you have a favorite city you have visited to do a show? Do you have a favorite venue? Why are these your favorites?

Linda: Favorite city… Vienna! For obvious reasons. It’s old, beautiful, and full of my relatives. Favorite venue… Carnegie Hall and the Alley Theatre. So different and yet magic happens in both of them. Carnegie was my dream, and it has always lived up to my expectations. The Alley Theatre feels in some way like where I was born.

Marilyn Filonow: I'm a new fan of yours and have been trying to read all the past issues of THE VOICE to catch up on you. I'm very grateful to have discovered such a kind and talented woman as you. This may seem trivial, but I'd like to know how tall you are. 

Linda: 5 feet 10 inches barefoot!

Ryan Madigan: What about another Provincetown, Massachusetts concert at the newly renovated town hall?

Linda: Sure… they just have to ask me.

Mary McDonald: Do you like to cook? What is your best dish?

Linda: I like to cook. Beef Stroganoff thanks to my mother and Chicken Chili thanks to Ina Garten.

Juliet Minneau: I would like to know what you like best about coming up here to Canada. 

Linda: The people… great fans… and oddly enough, the lack of people… great wide open spaces!

Marco Perez: Can we expect to hear any new dance mixes from songs on NOW?

Linda: I don’t know. The dance mixes are done by other people and just seem to appear. If they do, then I hope they do it well.

Missy Reedy: Would you ever be willing to star in a Broadway show again?

Linda: Maybe… but I would really like to do a straight play. 

Lauryn Stewart: I was listening to the Broadway station on XM radio and Seth Rudetsky had said that during one of the performances of JEKYLL & HYDE, your hair got stuck in one of Robert Cuccioli's costumes. Is this true? Please tell that story.

Linda: Yes, it did and I have often talked about that night. I got very angry because I was embarrassed. It had been getting stuck for several nights and then finally got really stuck. But now we just laugh about it. During Lucy’s murder scene, I was sitting on the bed in front of Robert who was on his knees. My big wig was very curly and half pinned up – very securely attached to my pin curls. When the vest got stuck, it would not come free and I could not fall dead to the bed. The end result of the struggle was that my wig was pulled half off exposing my pin curls and wig cap and still attached to Robert’s vest that he had been forced to remove while singing. The whole thing was painful, literally and figuratively. I came off stage in a rage because I had been asking him to change the buttons on the vest. He thought I had been “telling him.” Who me? I didn’t speak to him for a week (this made acting with him interesting) until he apologized. It all seems silly now but it made for a good memory and an even better story. I will never forget yelling at him back stage, pointing my finger in his handsome face, swearing, the whole nine yards all because I was so embarrassed, and feeling the rest of the cast come out of the shadows to watch. It was sort of like … “Wow… Linda is finally acting like a diva!”

Lou Cabibi: Will you be posting pictures of Metaphor House? I would love to see the final pictures of this major project!

Linda: It’s a major project simply because I was doing so much of it myself. It’s a humble house.  It may never be completely finished!

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