One of the greatest things about being a Linda Eder fan is knowing that her connection with her fans is so real and genuine. Linda is always so enthusiastic about responding to our questions as EDER-tors of THE VOICE, and she has expressed to us how much she enjoys answering questions sent in by her fans as well. We hope you'll enjoy reading this most recent "mini interview" and, of course, Linda's answers to your questions!

VOICE: You had quite a few shows fairly close together in April and May. Do you have a regimen you follow to keep your voice in top form especially during a period when you have so many shows?

LINDA: No, not really. These days I just try to warm up well in advance and warm up slowly. I also try not to talk too much, and too loudly after the shows.

VOICE: Your appearance at Barnes & Noble on May 18, 2011 changed from a performance to a question and answer session because you had to rest your voice for Town Hall. Did you enjoy fielding questions from the audience?

LINDA: Yes, I guess I like to talk. I never seem to have a problem rambling on and on. Sometimes I think I have to learn to keep my mouth shut. 

VOICE: Were you surprised by any of the questions you were asked?

LINDA: No. Every now and then someone asks me something that makes me think. The answer isn’t just ready and waiting.

VOICE: You’ve often said that performing on a stage in New York City makes you more nervous than normal. Is this still true and why do you think that is?

LINDA: I always get more nervous for New York because I never know who might be in the audience, and also because the performance is usually for a new album and the people from the label are there checking out the performance and the audience reaction.

VOICE: When you walked out on the stage at Town Hall the audience went wild before you sang a single note. That must have been very special.
LINDA: It always makes me feel amazing, and best of all it helps to relax me. That is a God send. I’m funnier when I am relaxed…

VOICE: Can you please tell us a little about the experience of participating in the SpotLight Showcase in Minneapolis.

LINDA: I really enjoy being at a place in my life and career when I can teach a little and help inspire young performers. The SpotLight Foundation gives me a chance to do that. The fact that it is also a chance for me to go home to Minnesota a few times a year to see my family is an added bonus.

VOICE: The students surely must have been so talented – it seems like show choirs and singing programs in school are becoming much more popular. What do you think about this trend?

LINDA: Well, I’m sure that the TV show “Glee” has had a lot to do with that. Suddenly it’s a little hip. There are so many talented people in the world, so anything that provides a way for that talent to be enjoyed is wonderful.

VOICE: How do you feel you would have benefitted from such a program when you were in high school?

LINDA: It would have been just one more thing to strive for. To be one of the kids picked to receive an award would have felt like the Academy Awards to me at the time. Also knowing that they were in the audience of our shows would have made it even more special. Also more frightening…

VOICE: You and Jake got to spend some time with your parents on this trip. What did you do to relax while you were there?

LINDA: We hiked and swam and fished. He did target shooting with my Dad. We also ate a lot of my Mom’s cooking, and we spent the evenings sitting on the deck overlooking the lake, listening to the loons. It’s beautiful.

VOICE: You mentioned in the May edition that you would like to do a play one day. Are there any particular plays you would enjoy doing and/or roles you would be suited for?

LINDA: I think I could do different types of roles. I would like drama as well as comedy. As far as a play that I want to do… something that is new.

VOICE: Thank you for doing this interview with THE VOICE. Here are some questions submitted by your fans.

AMANDA BRADFORD: Do you cheer for the Vikings or the Jets?

LINDA: The Vikings… mildly.

ANTJE BRUCK: Linda, last year you spread your wings across the ocean and performed for the first time internationally. If the opportunity came up, in which country and/or venue, other than the ones you already played, would you like to perform?

LINDA: Italy and Ireland…

MARILYN FILONOW: I see some of your fans trying to get you on “Glee.” It seems they want to increase your “popularity.” I'm wondering if you are satisfied with your current exposure to the world. Have you found the right balance between having a real private life and having a public career? When I look at someone like Lady Gaga always trying to keep up that performance image, I honestly feel sorry for her because it's all such an illusion. Well, the money is real enough, but I can't imagine where the real person is in all that nonsense. Do you have any thoughts on this?

LINDA: I would imagine that Lady Gaga will be in for a lot of loneliness. Hopefully she will figure it out and realize that all that really matters in life is family and good friends.

I am happy with what I have accomplished. I’ve gone farther than I ever dreamed I could. I still have some goals that I would like to reach, but I am grateful for that. We all need something to strive for. 

DA’VI LIVE: Will your next album be “live?”

LINDA: I never know if there will be a next album. They just sort of happen. I think a “live” album would be great. I would be into doing that. There is certainly a magic that happens “live.”

RYAN MADIGAN: Will your concert on Cape Cod be more “you” or more “special guest?” A few years back in Hyannis... it seemed all “special guest” and little “you!”

LINDA: I think it was split fairly even, at least it was supposed to be…   I always play by the rules. Hopefully it will be good this year.

BARB MORGAN: I have a 10-year-old son who wants to spend his summer going to amusement parks, especially Six Flags. The scarier the ride the more he wants me to ride it with him. Have you taken Jake to any amusement parks and do you like thrill rides?

LINDA: I have and I do. I’m scared out of my mind on some of them, but I am always happy I did it. Jake loves them. Nothing is too scary. His Dad won’t go on them. 


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