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Hi Everyone!

Halloween has howled its way out of here and eating all that candy only set the stage for the overeating that followed with Thanksgiving! As I look back over past Thanksgivings and holiday seasons, I realize that one of the things I have been most thankful for is that I have spent nearly every one with my parents and as much of the whole family as could be there (which was generally everyone). It may have been in their home, in mine or in my siblings’, but the most important thing is that we were together.

Okay, that's a lie. The most important thing is that my mom was making the food! I'm not saying that I am a bad cook because in truth I am a fairly good cook. My father is a chef after all. On the very rare occasion that I was unable to be “home” for Thanksgiving, I did manage to make a fairly decent meal. But the important thing to grasp is that close is just not good enough. Everyone likes to associate magic with Halloween or even Christmas (Santa is an elf after all), but the true magic is in what comes out of my mother's kitchen. Try as we might, and believe me we try, my brother, my sister and I can never recreate the tastes, the smells or the sights that greet us every time Mom is the one wearing the apron. My brother comes close and he wins for sheer volume, and my sister as well, and she always comes up with something new that is fun and helps to distract us from the fact that it is still not Mom's. Of the three of us, I win hands down in the neatness department. I'm the master at cleaning while I cook. Maybe that's the problem. When my mom is finished, there is not a pot left unused or a spare inch of unsoiled, uncluttered countertop, but what is waiting on the table, steaming and gleaming in the glow of candles, puts us all to shame. What is it that makes the food taste so good? I think I know.

Time and ambition are constantly at war and we are the casualties. Both move so fast that the little important things, which are caught in between them, move by so quickly that too much of the time we see them only in a blur, just enough to feel sad about what we missed. Photographs help, but they also make us sad because we can't crawl into them no matter how hard we try. Life is short. So fill it up with the important "little things."

Thanksgiving and Christmas make November and December go by so fast that we hardly realize that another year has come to an end. This has been a year of change and hopefully of growth. It's hard to go through that alone so I am fortunate that I didn't have to. You've always been there for me, crooning or belting, sighing or crying, brunette or blond. Whether you liked my choices or tolerated them, you've never let go and that makes me very lucky indeed.

Happiest of Holidays! May you be surrounded by family!







Warmest Holiday Wishes from "Linda's Team" to you!...

From Dave and Ronni Hart...
"We love that family comes together to celebrate and reflect the prior year. Taking the time to be with each other allows us to realize how grateful we are for all we are given. We love looking forward to the new year and observing all the traditions that we associate with this time of year. Everything from the cooking to the music to the weather contributes to the beauty of the holidays and why it is so special to share with family and friends. In addition, we have three children between us and they are spread out across the world. On New Year's Eve, we plan to all be together and that in itself will be a joyous time.

With all the natural disasters our country has seen this past year, we wish mankind nothing but peace, safety and good health. We hope people are inspired to give and humble to receive. We hope all will remember what is truly important; to look beyond material things, superficial thoughts and delight in the simple joy that each day can bring.

We hope all of Linda's fans enjoy their own holidays and traditions. Maybe with their family, they gather around the living room and listen to Linda's Christmas CD. Or maybe her new Judy Garland album brings back memories for some and creates memories for others. We are so appreciative for all the support of the fans and hope you hear the love that Linda shares with you through her music. We are so thankful for allowing us to be part of your family."

From Jack Murphy...
"What I enjoy most about the holidays is having the family celebrate together — my wife, my daughter and granddaughter, my son and his fiancée. Family is really what the holidays are all about to me.

If I had one wish for mankind it would be for all the religions of the world to stop killing one another in the name of the same God! It's not too original but that's it I guess; I wish the religions of mankind would develop a little more tolerance for the beliefs (or lack thereof) of others.

And for the fans this holiday season… have a happy and safe holiday. Be kind to someone you don't know!"

From Jill Siegel...
"I love the holidays. I'm a city girl and there's nothing like watching, feeling, hearing, and smelling New York City transforming into the holiday season. It seems to begin earlier each year. The lights, the music, the weather (snow, perhaps?), the windows, the shops, the SALES, the excitement in the air. Even the traffic is an opportunity to catch up on calls and e-mails on the ever-present Blackberry.

The holidays are such a fabulous time to reach out to family and friends, to send handwritten notes and to remind them how much they mean to me. And, it is the best time for family. My Mom and youngest nephew are both late December babies, so we have those wonderful celebrations to look forward to. The music business essentially shuts down between Christmas and New Years, so I have a full two weeks to spend with my loved ones — although we always seem to have a client booked on television during that time — hope it will be Linda this year!!

I absolutely love gifts! Giving even more than receiving. I have a big present drawer where I collect special things I find throughout the year for special people in my life to give during holiday time.

It is also such a wonderful benchmark to take a look at where I've come, what I've achieved and to plot what I will strive for in the next year. I like to make my annual donations at this time and to remember those who have not been as blessed as I have been. It is impossible not to think of all of the families with parents, children, spouses, and loved ones overseas and to pray for their safe and speedy return home.

On a very personal note, I send my love and thanks to Linda, Stacey, Dave, Ronni, Ozzie, the Band, our family at Angel Records, the Eder-tors and all of the fans who fill my days with music and joy and keep me humble and blessed, and especially to my family and my best boys, Mikey and Zach. Happy Holidays!"


VOICE: What do you like most about the holidays?

KIM: Linda's Christmas album!! And… not having to dress like Santa for "Here Comes Santa Claus," especially on December 26th!

VOICE: What is your holiday wish for mankind?

KIM: That everyone buy and listen to Linda's Christmas album! And… that mankind NEVER has to see me in a Santa suit playing trombone ever again!

VOICE: What would you like to say to Linda's fans for the holidays?

KIM: Buy Linda's Christmas album for everyone you know since you already have it! And… if you ever see someone playing trombone in a Santa suit... run!

On December 26 through 30, 2001, Linda returned to Broadway for "The Holiday Concert" at the George Gershwin Theatre. Linda's long-time friend and collaborator Kim Scharnberg, who is also an accomplish trombonist, made a special appearance at each performance. During "Here Comes Santa Claus/Santa Claus is Coming To Town," Kim joined Linda on stage dressed as Santa — bright red suit and all! — for a trombone solo that goes down as one of the all-time most-memorable "Linda holiday concert moments" ever!



Memories From Christmas Past... at the Palace Theatre!

Last year, on December 17 and 18, Linda lit up the stage at the Palace Theatre in New York City with two very special holiday performances. Click here to relive the magic!

(originally published in THE VOICE,
Winter 2005 issue, Vol. 5, Ed. 2).

EDER-tors' Holiday Notes

Dear Friends,

No matter what your celebration is called, this time of year is a special time among family and friends. We hope you'll enjoy this special 2005 holiday edition of THE VOICE, full of delightful holiday treats and creative ideas from "our family" to yours! Thank you for allowing us to be a part of your lives this past year. We wish you all a very happy and healthy holiday, and hope to see you all soon!

Happy Holidays!

Amanda Christensen (Webmistress and Editor), Ellen Jacobs (Editor) and Lori Phelan (Editor)

PS- We invite you to share your holiday recipes, entertaining, decorating and craft ideas in THE VOICE section of the Linda Eder message board here.




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