“Ask Linda” has become a very popular feature with Linda and her many fans. The fans have enjoyed asking questions and Linda has enjoyed answering them.


VOICE: Next month you are going to be back at Feinstein’s for quite a few shows. What do you enjoy most about this venue?

LINDA: I guess I like the fact that it feels like my home away from home and I’m singing for friends in my living room. (not that I ever do that) 

VOICE: You will be sharing the billing with Michael Feinstein for most of the shows. How will these shows be similar to and/or different from “Two For The Road?”

LINDA: It will be “Two For The Road” finally off the road and performed at “home.”

VOICE: What can we expect to hear at your solo shows?

LINDA: A condensed version of the NOW concert.

VOICE: Have you ever been out with friends and done karaoke?

LINDA: I don’t think I have ever done karaoke. I don’t go to many bars so I haven’t really seen much either. I think it might be fun to do with a fun group of friends, but I would have to have a few beers first. I would be shy. No kidding!!!!

VOICE: Do you still get together with a “garage band?”

LINDA: We have been on a long hiatus since we lost a band member, but we will pick it up again. It was so much fun.

From Linda’s fans…

ANTJE BRUCK: My all-time favorite movie that gets me every time and that I can never get tired of watching is “The Miracle Worker” with Patty Duke and Ann Bancroft. Do YOU have a favorite movie (besides the “The Wizard of Oz” for well-known reasons )?

LINDA: “International Velvet” and “Home For The Holidays.” The second movie is an odd ball one directed by Jodie Foster. I always play it for people, and no one seems to like it very much, but there is just something about it that I love.

ANTJE BRUCK: What genre of movies do you like to watch when you have some time to relax?

LINDA: I like several genres, but if I have to pick then it would be a really good suspense thriller with a good romance in it.

BRIDGET RUDNET-SCHIOTIS: You may not want to answer this out of modesty, but do people with extraordinary talent realize how extraordinary they truly are?

LINDA: Thank you but I am always a mile short of the goal inside my head. But that’s okay. I think realizing extraordinary talent in one’s self would “realize” extraordinary conceit...

BRUCE FONTAINE: Why was the Wildhorn musical you were working on with the song "Gold" shelved? Thanks, Linda, with warm wishes.

LINDA: It’s up to the “money guys” to bring a show to Broadway. A producer has to be convinced that he won’t lose his shirt. There are a whole lot of “lost shirts” on Broadway. No one knows Camille’s name and it was a rather dark story ultimately, so that may have made it harder. I will never know but it’s too bad. I love it.

BRUCE FONTAINE: How did you like performing in Keene, New Hampshire? I told all my friends up that way to go to the show. I am from Bellows Falls, Vermont which is only 20 miles away. Wish I could have been there.

LINDA: Loved it! The fans were great. I also like driving to gigs and being able to see the country, so it was really fun for me.

BRUCE FONTAINE: How is your son? What grade is he in?

LINDA: Jake is well and will be turning 12 in a few weeks and starting 7th (gasp) grade. He has always been a wonderful sweet kid and continues to be. We got him started in basketball last year and he enjoys it so much, as I enjoy watching the games. It is a great athletic sport that helps to counteract the inactivity of video games.

CHADRIC NICHOLS: Would you ever consider releasing an album of only Opera Arias/tribute to Eileen Farrell or better yet, only Gospel/Christian? Both would be amazing!

LINDA: I’ve always fantasized about doing a classical recording. It may remain a fantasy, or it would be a pop version of opera.

CHRISTOPHER DUFFY: Hope all is well. I met you when you were promoting BROADWAY MY WAY. I was the geek who asked you to sign GOLD (my favorite LECD). I have been so looking forward to CAMILLE CLAUDEL. Do you think this show will make it to Broadway? I think it will be awesome.

LINDA: It may yet one day but I wouldn’t be part of it. Too much time has passed. That ship has sailed or sunk, depending on how you look at it.

COURTNEY MEGARO: How do you keep your voice healthy and prepared for concerts?

LINDA: I just try to take more time warming up. Long slow warm ups and keeping my voice warm throughout the day leading up to the show.

DEBBIE SIEGEL STARR: Have you ever considered recording or singing in concert “What Are You Doing The Rest Of Your Life?”

LINDA: I used to sing this song in concert not that many years ago. It’s a wonderful song but I don’t think I would record it. I think Streisand already recorded the perfect version.

DENNIS EMERY: I've always had a fantasy that you would record a series of songbooks like Ella Fitzgerald's songbooks. If you were to choose a classic composer like Gershwin, Cole Porter, or Harold Arlen to do a songbook recording, who would you choose?

LINDA: I suppose there are a few that I would love to do. My first choice would probably be Gershwin.

DREW GRAHAM: I loved your appearance with the Mormon Tabernacle Choir last month. Are you planning on doing any future projects with them? You would be a knock-out as the special guest at their next Christmas concert!

LINDA: I think I will be. I received very positive feedback from the people in charge. They were wonderful to work with and the venue and the choir were just incredible.

EDEN SCHARFENBURGER: If you could travel through time who would be the first person you would want to have a long conversation with... maybe even dinner?

LINDA: Two people… Kate Hepburn and Lincoln.

GERRY CARDWELL: After a show is booked, how far out do you start putting the program together?

LINDA: I usually have a current show that I put together after each new album so it is based on that; and the only reason I tweak the show is because some show lengths are different. I’ve moved songs around during the rehearsal.

HEATH J. CHANEY: Your BROADWAY MY WAY CD is my absolute favorite. Do you have any thoughts on releasing another Broadway CD? There are several songs I'd love to hear your twist on: "Defying Gravity," "The Wizard and I" (Wicked), "Home," "A Change in Me" (Beauty & The Beast), "Nobody's Side," "Someone Else's Story" (Chess) -- just to name a few. :P

LINDA: There are many Broadway songs that I love as well. At the moment I have no plans to do that. But never say never, right?

JANNA KOCH: What is the strangest question someone has ever asked you?

LINDA: My dress size.

JANNA KOCH: What do you think of us wanting to know these trivial things about you?

LINDA: I’m flattered that you are interested. Interviews tend to cover the same questions all the time, so I can see how this would be fun for long time fans.

JEFFERSON EQUALITY DE JESUS: I saw you twice in a concert with my friend Meredith Ann. However we would like to see you on Broadway again. Will that be possible?

LINDA: Maybe one day... no time right now in my life.

JESSICA L. BUSTAMANTE: How did you get your start? Chance discovery? Just showed up on Broadway one day? Through a conservatory?

LINDA: I started singing in clubs right after I graduated from high school. My first professional gig was two weeks at the Brainerd Holliday Inn. I was booked at another gig based on that and then one right after the other. A manager found me soon after I had been singing for a few weeks. He handled the bookings from that point on. 

JOAN CONVERSE: When songs appear on two different albums, do you rerecord for the newest album or is it the same recording?

LINDA: Unless it’s for the same record label that recorded the 1st version, then it has to be a new recording. So most of the time it is a new recording.

JOAN CONVERSE: Do you like cats? Do you have any?

LINDA: I like cats and I have had several over the years, but I have not had any cats since my last two got run over by cars after I moved to the house I live in now. It was too heartbreaking. There is no way to keep them inside a fence and I would not be able to keep them just in the house.

JOAN CONVERSE: What's your favorite piece of classical music or composer?

LINDA: “Adagio for Strings” and also all the Puccini Arias.

JOEY GRZENIA: Are there any Broadway roles that would bring you back to the boards?

LINDA: I don’t go to the theatre enough to even know what role I would like to play. The greatest fantasy would be to write and direct my own. 

KARA BETKE: Fun Girly Question: Favorite Perfume?

LINDA: Favorite perfume... the scent of my boyfriend...           

KARA BETKE: Musician-y Question: What mic do you prefer or tend to use most? As a fellow performer I'm always wondering what is best.

LINDA: Favorite mic... good old SM58 with cord. It handles my voice the best. Everyone is different and mics work differently on different people... just like perfume...

LAURYN STEWART: If there is one performer that you would want to sing with, dead or alive, who would it be and why? My answer would be you. :) You are my biggest inspiration in singing!

LINDA: Thank you! Hmmmmm… There are many. I would love to have met and sung with my idol Eileen Farrell. I would also love to have sung with Sinatra.

PAMELA ARDAM-HANLON: Is there sheet music in print for your newest CD NOW? How can I get it?

LINDA: No, sorry, there is no sheet music for NOW.

PATTI ULRICH: I want to come from Hershey to hear you at Feinstein’s. Would you like more long-stemmed chocolate chip cookies? I brought them to you, on my crutches, when you performed at Lancaster's American Music Theatre. Surely do miss your incredible gift and talent LIVE!!!

LINDA: Thank you so much for the thought but please don’t! Too hard to resist eating them all.

RAY PRIFTY: How did you get to perform in that beautiful production of “Hallelujah Broadway” in Prague?

LINDA: The producer approached my agent David Hart. I was thrilled to get the chance to work in Prague with the other great singers. We had a wonderful week of great music, great food and amazing sightseeing. So may of my cousins drove from Austria to see the show and explore Prague with me.

STEFFEN GAUSS: I also left my friends and family behind in the hinterlands of the Twin Cities to move to Santa Cruz, California. There is something "special" about Minnesota that always draws me home... Do you have the same feeling?

LINDA: Yes, it is a wonderful place to grow up. It feels safe and clean. The people are hard working and friendly and I have grown to love winter!

STEVE MARTIN: You must know that you have been bestowed an amazing gift with your voice. I have seen you in concert several times and experienced the roars you’ve receive from your audiences. Do you ever find it overwhelming to hear their applause and cheers?

LINDA: Whenever I have had anything bad going on in my life, it is the greatest gift in the world to be able to walk out on a stage and see, hear and feel that outpouring from the fans. Those times when I have needed it the most, it is like a big overwhelming collective hug. I know how lucky I am.

STEVEN KOLLER: Where did you live (a hotel/which one?) when you were out in Los Angeles taping Star Search, and did you have any favorite spots in LA? We Angelenos need a proper Linda Eder shrine!!!

LINDA: Hah!! I don’t think I remember the hotel. The Hyatt on Sunset seems to stir a memory. Is there even a Hyatt on Sunset? During the time I was taping the show there was no time to do anything else. I was either at the hotel or in the studio. They owned us. If you want a shrine, it should probably be the Cinegrill since I did my first solo show there.

STEVEN LUTZ: I have always wondered if you have ever had a run in with a horse that left you wondering if you would ever want to get back on one again!

LINDA: Never one that made me want to give up riding, but certainly one that made me want to give up ever getting on that particular horse again.  

SUSAN CHARNOCK: Do you still have your horses and do you still ride?

LINDA: Yes, I have three. My buddy Ben is now 28 years old. My big dressage mare is now 17. I have a 5 year old gelding that I bought when he was a completely green two year old and have been training him myself. I haven’t started a horse since I was in my twenties but he is wonderful – really a great, fun horse.

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