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On April 15, 1997, Linda released her 4th solo record, IT’S TIME, and gave her fans another gift of incredible music to enjoy. Many fans have often said that this is their favorite CD. To commemorate the anniversary date of its release, the EDER-tors of THE VOICE sat down with Linda to get her thoughts about this wonderful recording.

VOICE: IT’S TIME was recorded during a very busy time in your life when you were touring in JEKYLL & HYDE and preparing to take the show to Broadway. How difficult was it for you to focus on both projects simultaneously?

LINDA: Not difficult at all, really. All I remember of that time was having fun. The saying “the world is your oyster” comes to mind. We really need to work hard to not take things for granted. If we could just remember that in the moment when life is easy and good.

VOICE: How much input did you have on the song choices?

LINDA: I had a lot of input, but I was certainly “swayed” toward certain songs. 

VOICE: Your fans are well aware of how much you enjoy singing songs written for men. Is this something you always wanted to do?

LINDA: This was never a thought out idea. It’s just that I liked certain songs so much and was frustrated that there seemed to be a rule that I couldn’t sing them. So I broke it…. [smiles]

VOICE: Was there a particular singer or song that first put this idea into your head?

LINDA: Yes, “Man of La Mancha.” I loved it so much. I had no idea that I would become so identified with the song. I just wanted to try it.

VOICE: The first song written for men that you recorded appeared on IT’S TIME. Were you concerned about how “Man of La Mancha” would be received?

LINDA: I don’t think so. I don’t think I really worried.

VOICE: Why do you think this song became and has remained a fan favorite?

LINDA: For the same reason that I wanted to sing it. It is such a great song, and also I will gladly accept a little credit for coming up with a really fun arrangement.

VOICE: You have performed some of the songs you recorded for IT’S TIME over the years. Please share the factors that influenced the songs you chose to sing in concert from this CD?

LINDA: I have sung several of them over the years and most of them translate really well to the stage. That is always the test. It only takes one or two times of performing it for an audience to know if it is a keeper.

VOICE: Have the factors you considered in 1997 remained basically the same over the years as you prepare your set lists for live shows?

LINDA: My challenge these days is to try to keep enough of the signature songs in the show but still give myself room for growth. I need that or I get stale. 

VOICE: “Something To Believe In” was written before 9/11, but it seems that the words are even more relevant in today's world than when IT'S TIME was released. More recently, you have been dedicating “More Than Heaven” to people who are suffering from any type of tragedy. Since these two songs have similar themes, have you ever considered doing a mash-up/medley of these two songs?

LINDA: No. “More Than Heaven” is like a prayer to me now. I could never do that to it.

VOICE: Is it safe to assume your favorite song from this recording is “Over The Rainbow?”

LINDA: I think so. It was a special moment in the studio with just me and Jeremy Roberts at the piano. We knew each other so well “musically” that it was a little bit of magic.

VOICE: What influenced your decision to record this song simply with just piano?

LINDA: It didn’t need anything else. Sometimes less really is more. When a song is that good it just works.

VOICE: Knowing how much you love children, “Children Of Eve” must hold a special place in your heart as well. Please tell us a little about recording this song and using children’s voices.

LINDA: This song gets to me because of the way children suffer all over the world. I wrote the lyric to some of the verses. They are metaphorical, but I know their full meaning so it hits me harder.

VOICE: We had to chuckle when we were preparing these questions about IT’S TIME for the interview. Did you ever think of the connection between the title and the release date? It’s almost like you were reminding people on April 15th that “It’s Time” to file their taxes!

LINDA: It’s time for a lot of things. World peace. The end of hunger. The cure for cancer. The end of violence. Spinal cord regeneration. There are so many things that we are all waiting for. I guess ultimately it’s time to realize that we are capable of much more.


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