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Following the release of her latest CD LindaLIVE, her first live recording after 15 studio albums, Linda Eder decided to host two CD release parties this fall.

The first took place on Sunday, September 21st at Yono’s in Albany, New York and the second on Sunday, November 2nd at Mario’s Tutto Bene in Union, New Jersey.

Both were fabulous events and thoroughly enjoyed by those who were fortunate enough to attend.
Linda Eder gives a warm welcome
at her CD release party in Union, NJ

Photo credit: Lori Zapata

Donna and Yono Purnomo with Linda

Photo credit: Lori Zapata
“It was our pleasure to host the LindaLIVE CD release party at Yono's. Yono and I and our staff were honored to be part of such a special day. It doesn't get much better than celebrating Linda Eder's unparalleled talent with a fabulous group of old and new friends. The fact that it was Linda's first live CD recorded in our own backyard was just the icing on the cake!”

~ Donna and Yono Purnomo


Kelly Wolner from New York writes…

Fans Kelly Wolner and Annarose Foley

Photo credit: Kelly Wolner

What a treat it was to attend Linda's CD release party at Yono's. Restaurant owner, Donna Purnomo, wanted to hold the best meet-and-greet ever and she did! All the elements came together to bless the fans with something special that day.

Upon entering via Chapel Street, we were greeted by a hostess who checked our names and explained the logistics of how the designated time with Linda would work. Next, we stepped over to the upscale bar and visited with fellow Eder fans. The excitement was building as the first group stood in line to see Linda!

Linda was supposed to be the main focus for the day, but I have to give credit to the Chef. Yono may not have intended to upstage Linda with his five-star menu, but he certainly toed the line with dishes that included Indonesian noodles, chicken with orange and ginger, Asian dumplings, and 24-hour braised beef short ribs. Besides the full dinner buffet, there was a pastry chief who prepared a table of gourmet cookies! The staff was helpful, friendly, and professional.

Another special touch was the staging area where Linda was for the meet-and-greet portion of the day. Every element was handled in classy way. There was a table of "extras" available to purchase at the same place where we were given our CD and special edition jewel case created by Greg Kuritz. Each fan was given the opportunity to visit with Linda, have her sign the CD, and pose for a professional photograph taken by Lori Zapata in front of the LindaLIVE backdrop.

As always, Linda made time for each and every fan. At the conclusion of the program, Donna and Yono made sure that Linda was able to sit down and enjoy some of that amazing food. Several of the fans got a real bonus when they gathered around Linda's table and made some special memories. Linda started clowning around and told them to make silly faces as I snapped a few pictures for The Voice. Until that moment, I was wondering if Linda knew how enjoyable this was for the fans and if she was having as much fun as I was.

Thank you Linda and to everyone involved with this event. Donna you did it... This was the best meet-and-greet ever!!!

Fan Greg Kuritz shows off the special limited-edition jewel case he helped create

Photo credit: Kelly Wolner

Greg Kuritz from New York writes…

I had the pleasure of attending the Linda Eder CD signing/meet & greet wearing many different hats. I was asked to design and re-create the LindaLIVE CD into a jewel case format. Certain challenges were presented but they were all dealt with and the finished product is something I am very proud of. I was even granted the use of an exclusive image for the back cover of the CD.

I was also asked to help with the flow of the many attendees at the event. I had the duty of keeping track of the time each person spent with Linda so as not to go over the 3 hour time frame of the event. The actual ending time was a half hour earlier than expected, so this gave everyone remaining some extra time with Linda.  When all was said and done, everyone gathered around a big table and had a great time winding down.

This is a special day that I will always remember thanks to the generosity of Linda Eder. I would be honored to pitch in any time that I am needed!




Fan Kim Knight with Linda

Photo credit: Kelly Wolner

Kim Knight from New York writes…

The meet and greet at Yono’s was spectacular in every way! It was so organized with times for different groups of people so no one really spent much time waiting in line- instead we were able to spend it visiting with other Linda fans and eating delicious food. Linda was incredibly gracious, as always, and really spent a few minutes chatting with each person as she signed CDs and posed for pictures. Having Lori there for pictures meant no cameras that don’t work or aren’t ready to take a shot, and great professional photos at the end of it! As we left for the night, Linda gave me a hug and thanked me for coming… but I felt as though I was the only one who should be doing any thanking. So gracious, so humble, so amazing. To try to explain Linda to those who don’t know what I’m talking about feels impossible. But if you’re reading The Voice, my bet is you get it. And this event was everything you would have expected and more!

Fan Linda Carbo

Photo credit: Kelly Wolner

Linda Carbo from New York writes…

Linda Eder is not only the greatest singer of all time, she is the greatest host of a “Meet and Greet.” I know it wouldn't have been possible without the fabulous Donna and Yono Purnomo who opened their restaurant to us as well as their hearts.  Thank you for giving us the opportunity to enjoy your great food, chat with good friends, and, of course, have our special time to talk to Linda and take home a copy of her new CD – “LindaLIVE,” which I can't stop listening to....

And, of course, Thank you Linda - continue to be the person you are, because there is no better!!!


THE VOICE Eder-tor's Amanda Feliu
and Ellen Jacobs with Linda

Photo credit: Lori Zapata
“We were so pleased to be able to arrange for Linda to come to Mario’s Tutto Bene, a small neighborhood Italian restaurant, where she gave her adoring fans an experience of a lifetime! Linda was a gracious hostess who made everyone feel so comfortable, almost as if she was welcoming them to her own home. The opportunity to ask Linda questions and then hear her perform in the small and intimate room helped to make this afternoon once-in-a-lifetime unique experience that will not soon be forgotten.”

~ Ellen Jacobs and Amanda Feliu


Keith Andriotta from New Jersey writes…

Fan Keith Andriotta with Linda

Photo credit: Lori Zapata

I remember seeing the banner on Linda’s website that offered the chance to attend a CD signing at Mario’s restaurant in Union, NJ and immediately purchasing tickets for it. I knew it was close and I knew it was Linda, so of course I would.

As the day drew closer, I began to think about the event and wondered what it would be like? I imagined arriving at the restaurant, receiving a copy of LindaLIVE, which quite frankly, I already had, having Linda sign my CD, and then sitting down to eat. I wasn’t expecting much more, and that alone would have been fantastic. What we experienced that day was so much more.

When we arrived, we receive our copy of LindaLIVE and a number which would be used to determine when you would meet Linda and then sat at the tables. It was set up family style with long tables that sat eight people or so at a table. I was immediately struck by the intimacy of the restaurant. The crowd would be limited to around 50 people, and I suddenly felt very lucky to be one of the fifty. I became acquainted with those who were sitting around me and found it very enjoyable to hear everyone’s Linda-Journey… where they traveled from to attend this luncheon, how they first discovered Linda, memories of past shows, events and meetings. It was as if I was sitting with friends that I knew already, yet we had just met. As we were discussing our journey, Linda herself, walked over to our table to say hello and to thank us for coming. Ok, so right then, the expectations that I had for the afternoon were not only met but surpassed a hundredfold. Linda made her way around the room to say hello to each table as everyone continued to talk. The afternoon took on a very different feeling. It transformed from a “meet and greet” to feeling like I was spending the afternoon with family.

It was announced that we could begin eating and table by table we helped ourselves to the delicious Italian food. It was set up buffet-style. There was plenty of food and it was all quite outstanding. As we began to eat, they would call our numbers to come up and meet with Linda. I was lucky enough to get called before I had the opportunity to spill any gravy (or red sauce if you prefer) on my shirt. As Linda was concluding with the person before me, she turned to Ellen, who was helping to coordinate the event, and asked if she could take a break half way through so she could make sure she got some pasta fagioli. I chuckled to myself thinking how “real” Linda is and how surreal it is to be spending the afternoon with her.

After signing CDs and taking pictures with all who attended, Linda then held an informal question and answer session. It was all you wanted to know about Linda and were afraid (or unable) to ask. She answered questions about the recording process, picking songs, musical influences, possible future projects even what her favorite candy is (Twizzlers, by the way). When the Q&A session was over, we were privileged to have Linda sing a few songs. She sang, “Through the Eyes of Love (Theme from Ice Castles)”, “Blue Skies” and finished with “Man of La Mancha.” Even while singing through a small PA system in a restaurant, Linda’s voice was as crystal clear and gorgeous as always.

It was now time to leave. As we were walking out the door, we passed by Linda to thank her for the wonderful afternoon. As with any family gathering when leaving, instead of ending with goodbye, I said instead, “I’ll see you soon.” As I drove home, playing LindaLIVE on the stereo of course, I just marveled at the afternoon that I just had. How absolutely “real” Linda is, how much she gives of herself to her fans and how unbelievable lucky I am to have been able to spend the afternoon with Linda and the rest of the Linda Eder family.

Ellen Jacobs, Linda and Fan Joyce Churus

Photo credit: Lori Zapata

Joyce Churus from New Jersey writes…

What a wonderful day! Going to Linda’s CD signing at Mario’s Tutu Bene was an opportunity not to be missed. I enjoyed having a delicious lunch with my friend Ellen, a signed CD, and seeing a more personal side of Linda. Chatting with Linda was great, but getting a mini concert in such an intimate setting was an unexpected treat. I loved it!



Fan Kristen Distler with Linda -- through the years! (top photo taken in 1997 outside J&H)




Kristen Distler from New Jersey writes…

“Lunch with Linda… And So Much More”

I just had to write and let everyone know about the wonderful experience I recently had with Linda Eder. Although I have seen and met Linda several times throughout the 17+ years that I’ve been a dedicated fan, I must say that Sunday, November 2, 2014 was by the far the most intimate and memorable of them all.

We arrived at this quaint little Italian restaurant in Union, NJ (Mario’s Tutto Bene) for what started out as a CD signing, but turned into so much more. She signed CDs, conducted a Q & A, posed for professional photos, and best of all, she sang a few songs. Her voice is so rich and vibrant, yet still so hauntingly pure. She was extremely accessible to her fans and was a most gracious host, funny and sweet. We were also treated to a delicious buffet.  Kudos to the staff at Mario’s, who were courteous and friendly.

I cannot say enough about the whole day.  It exceeded my expectations and I want to thank all the people involved. Linda remains one of the best singers in the world and I am still her biggest fan!!





Fans Harry and Susan Fox with Linda

Photo credit: Lori Zapata

Harry Fox from Pennsylvania writes…

Let me start by saying this was by far the best show my wife and I have ever been to. The show was probably 3 hours in length to celebrate the launch of Linda’s new CD, which included a buffet, a Q&A session, and concluded with Linda singing four songs from her CD. We couldn’t believe how lucky we were in coming to find these tickets (it pays to be a fan and follow Linda on her website).

Over the years, we have had the privilege of seeing Linda five times, more than any other artist. We first saw Linda on Broadway in “Jekyll & Hyde.” 

The show was a lovely and intimate affair. I would estimate there were only 60 of us in the room. I love how Linda interacts with her fans. As we enjoyed our buffet, Linda was going from table to table just mingling and chatting it up as if we were all at a family gathering. Yes, that’s it; Linda makes you feel like family or that next-door neighbor you love to have over for coffee. How gracious she is and just a “regular” person.

Following the buffet, Linda took to the mic and engaged us in what she called “Let’s make believe we’re at a press conference and I’ll try to answer all of your questions.” Linda really makes you feel part of the show. I loved how she gave information about her songs. Her vocal talents and capabilities remain bar none, par excellence above all.
Thank you Linda for a wonderful moment in time!


Fan Lisa Gwasda with Linda

Photo credit: Lori Zapata

Lisa Gwasda, Singer/Choir Director, from New York writes…

There is nothing more exciting than the release of a new album - for the Artists  and the fans! We all look forward to that first listen, but it's not often that we are able to get the album signed, ask questions, and hear a special serenade of these new tracks! On Sunday, November 2, 2014, Linda Eder's fans were treated to all of the above- a day of fun, friends, music, and celebration! 

I have been a long time lover of Linda Eder's music since I was a teenager, aspiring to become a singer and Choir Director. It has been such an honor to celebrate her career through the years - from Carnegie Hall to Iggy's in NYC! The “LindaLIVE” release party at Mario's Tutto Bene in NJ was just as wonderful, if not more!

The afternoon was celebrated with family, friends, and fans. I was lucky enough to enjoy the day with one of my best friends and fellow singer, Amanda Schulze, and her husband and baby, as well as so many wonderful friends I've made along the way! We had a delicious Italian meal (my family is Italian and can cook, so I can testify that this food was really good)! But the fun didn't stop there...

After visiting each table and being so gracious to her guests, Linda did a “question and answer” portion to the event, followed by a serenade from the new record as well as songs the fans might seldom get to hear!

The “Q&A” portion was especially interesting because it's always interesting to hear what people want to know! Some of the things we learned were that Lind loves to write and would like to write a book some day. Folks also got a bit of “Linda history,” which lead to her idea of opening a restaurant. We also heard of Linda's love of acting, and how she might want to go about perusing some of that!

Once everyone had had a chance to ask their questions, Linda sang some songs from the new record. It's not easy to belt out a tune in a small Italian restaurant, but Linda not only pulled it off, but left everyone with their jaws dropped! A memorable moment for me was her rendition of the late Marvin Hamlisch's “What I Did For Love.” Linda does not often perform that on stage, and it's actually not on the record, but I dare you to find someone who doesn't love that song! She performed a beautiful and emotional rendition of the theme from “Ice Castles,” among other hits from her new LIVE album. The crowd was so appreciative and happy to have had such an intimate experience! Even patrons from the other room of Mario's waited by the door in awe of Linda's singing!

I have to say that I've had the pleasure of seeing Linda perform in so many venues, and working with her in the studio, as well as on stage, and all of those experiences were fantastic in their own way! However, her day at Mario's was something truly special for everyone involved! It was a wonderful celebration of her new record, a great day with friends, a great conversation, and mini-concert! We all left there smiling after such a wonderful afternoon celebrating togEder!


Fan Paul Parsons with Linda

Photo credit: Lori Zapata

Paul Parsons from New Jersey writes…

How often does one get to spend three hours on a Sunday afternoon talking with their favorite singer/performer, eating great Italian food at a terrific neighborhood restaurant, and meeting new friends? How lucky am I because that is exactly what I got to do last Sunday when Linda Eder drove to Jersey and met with about 65 of her appreciative fans at Mario’s Restaurant in Union, NJ.

The best way I can describe the afternoon is “a lot of fun.” Each of us received the LindaLIVE CD, which Linda signed as she spent a few minutes meeting and talking with each and every one of us. The food and conversation with one another was awesome as Linda held her personal meetings. I spent time talking with three longtime Linda fans from South Jersey. These young women brought along a great guy about my age (65ish), whom they adopted as their friend a few years ago, but he had never heard Linda sing. I would bet quite a bit that on his drive home with his three friends he became a big Linda Eder fan.

Once the CD signing and eating (and drinking of course) was done, Linda held a Q & A forum revealing a lot of interesting things that I hadn’t known before – like why she closes her eyes when she sings those beautiful high notes and that meeting me was the highlight of her day – okay, okay, I made that one up. As if that wouldn’t have been enough, she ended the afternoon by singing four songs. She sounded as great as ever. 

Besides her beautiful voice, I think another reason so many of us appreciate Linda is her humility and how normal and down to earth she is. During the Q&A, someone in the dining room told her how wonderful she was for giving back so much to her fans with a day like this. I took note because Linda’s reaction was much the same as Derek Jeter’s last month. They both were genuinely surprised at that sentiment and both commented on how they felt it was their fans who were “giving back” to them. Two very classy people who have both been at the very top in their professions and have included their fans along for the ride.

Thanks Linda and “Ellen and Friends” for a real fun afternoon.


Fan family! The Schulzes with Linda

Photo credit: Lori Zapata


Amanda Schulze from New Jersey writes…

My husband, daughter, and I had a great time at the Mario's CD signing event. I've known Linda for 15 years now, and it was fun to go to an event unlike any other. The food was delicious and the entertainment was even better. It was also special for me to bring my 17 month old along since she goes to bed before most concerts start. She loved making friends at all of the other tables and of course the singing portion. 

Kudos to Linda for a fun event and for the CDs, which will make some nice Christmas gifts!

Fan Tracy Sirani and daughters with Linda

Photo credit: Lori Zapata


Tracy Sirani from New York writes…

On November 2nd, I had the privilege of attending Linda Eder's CD signing event in Union, NJ. The event was beautiful! It was full of smiling people, great food and, of course, an enormous talent. The best part was bringing my five year old and three year old daughters with me. Both have been hearing Linda in concert since before they were born! My three year old was so excited to finally see Linda that she couldn’t stop waving to her every chance she got! Seeing the look on their faces when Linda began to sing is something I'll always remember! They walked to the front of the room just to get the best view. Linda was absolutely amazing as always. Even if the venues that we see her in change, her talent never does. Year after year I'm blown away by her and feel so fortunate to be able to introduce my children to her as well! Thank you again for such a memorable day!

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Scenes from the CD Release Party at Yono’s on September 21 ...

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