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Linda Eder returned to the Crown & Anchor in Provincetown, Massachusetts for another sold-out two-night engagement on August 12 - 13, 2013. The enthusiastic audience on both evenings greeted Linda with the ovations she usually receives at the end of her shows. The difference on these evenings… she had yet to sing one single note. The cheering went on… and on… and on…! At last, the music began and THE VOICE began to soar!

Elizabeth Beaton, Choral Director, Alvirne High School, Hudson, New Hampshire writes…

The Cape caught a closer glimpse of the stars last Tuesday evening August 13th, at the Crown and Anchor Club in Provincetown, MA. Linda Eder spun a molecule of sound with such grace and beauty that emotion brimmed, and spilled over. She painted our souls onstage. There was something for everyone, as Linda deftly handled nuances and colors, offering us the totality of her range. Sustaining a high tessitura all evening, she smartly choreographed higher notes into her repertoire, which allowed complete use of the voice. This voice never tires when she brings on the power, as she “Bring(s) on the Men,” among many other favorites. Comic relief was provided by the most unlikely source—a very friendly fly. Accompanied by a nephew of Jule Styne, and Pete, “the guitar man,” all in all, it was a stellar evening.  Thank you, Linda Eder, for another mountaintop experience!

Christina M. Kokonis-Viggers from New York writes…

Fan Christina Kokonis-Viggers and Linda
Fans Nancy Portz, Christina Kokonis-Viggers and Linda

Let me start off by saying that I have never been to a concert in my life. The only thing that comes close to a live performance that I have been to is a Broadway Musical, which I absolutely LOVE! I went on to Linda’s website just see what new adventures she may be taking on and also to see if anyone knew when her new songs were going to be released onto karaoke. I clicked on her tour section out of curiosity to see if she would be anywhere near me, and lo and behold, she was going to be performing on my birthday!!! Well, I got so excited and I immediately contacted my former high school English teacher, Nancy, to see if she wanted to go. Of course, she said “yes” and with that, I booked my first concert tickets along with my first hotel room… boy did I feel grown up!

We traveled a little over 5 hours from a small town, however very famous in its prime, good ole Catskill, New York. Nancy and I tuned into hours of show tunes, today’s music, some of my cover tracks, and, of course, Linda’s songs, anticipating which ones we would hear later that evening. Nancy was introduced to Linda’s music when I was in the 10th grade. A fellow classmate, who has now become one of my dearest friends and who introduced me to Linda Eder’s music, Gabby, would come into Nancy’s classroom and sing our version of “In His Eyes.” We were both starting to learn what talent and passion existed within our hearts for the performing arts and quickly grew close being duet partners whenever we could.

Since then, I have become involved with a local community theater, Upstage Productions in Hudson, New York. We put on many dinner theater cabarets, where I would always choose something that Linda sang. My first cover of Linda’s was “A New Life.” There is something to be said about how Linda captures so much emotion with the way she sings, and I usually can find just a simple connection with most of her songs that truly relates to how I feel. “A New Life” has always been my go to song, really anything from the musical JEKYLL & HYDE that Linda sings captivates her elegance, emotion, humor, and talent. With each passing year, I explore more and more songs to top each performance that I give, and it’s always with another Linda song that I am able to achieve my goal.

With that, we finally make it to Provincetown, Massachusetts! As we enter the Paramount night club, a rush of excitement and adrenaline runs through me-this is it, we’re about to see Linda Eder perform! Nancy and I quickly got to our seats in the very intimate club with what seemed to be at most 200 people, geared up to see “The Voice” perform. As Linda walked out on stage, the crowd went wild, a standing ovation, and she didn’t even open her mouth to say “hello” yet! To be honest, I can’t remember what she sang first because I was so excited that we were only a few feet away from what has been my guiding light throughout my performing years. I will tell you what came shortly after almost floored me. I started to hear the beginning notes of “A New Life” and quickly turned to Nancy, almost causing whiplash, and said, “Oh, my God, here it comes!” I was about to see my favorite song performed! The amazing thing with Linda is that her voice has such perfection, that you almost think a CD is going, when, of course, you know it’s completely live. The clarity and control never ceases to amaze me and it comes without any of today’s technological tweaking. Of course, at the end of “A New Life,” the crowd went wild! She also performed “Someone Like You” and “Bring On The Men,” which by far was the biggest crowd pleaser of the evening. There is something to be said about Linda’s charismatic way of handling her audience with such poise, elegance, and humor. At one point, there was a slight fumble with some lyrics and she just said, “Whoops, I messed up,” and continued on her way. I again was amazed at the humility this Broadway star possessed! She knew that neither I nor anyone else in the crowd would care that a fumble happened because we were there to show our love, praise, and support to such a class act as Linda – and hey, we are all human!

Throughout the evening, I felt I was being personally mentored by one of the greats. I took in so much… how she interacted with her audience and outstanding accompanists so naturally, what a funny lady she is, her performance stance, and how you could see the soul and passion come out through her fingertips. In that little amount of time, I learned so much and thought to myself, “I could do this,” and how much I really hunger to do this. I personally want to thank Linda for waking up my passion even more to try harder to put my name out there. Sadly, the amazing evening ended.

There was one more exciting thing to take place… my chance to meet Linda. Everyone gathered outside to get their chance to meet “The Voice.” All were waiting with excitement to take a picture and have something signed by her. I waited very patiently letting people in because the crowd was so intimate and I knew I would get my chance. I made Linda a cover CD (which I recorded in my car on my iPad) of some of my favorite songs that she had performed along with some other classics, enclosed in a homemade envelope with a special quick note to her. Upon waiting to meet her, I took in how she humbly greeted her adoring fans and took the time to listen to them praise her amazing talent and how much she and her music touched them , along with posing with each of them so they could prove they had indeed met Linda Eder. When I got my chance, of course I went on a little babbling tangent saying how much her music has moved me, that my birthday was the next day, and what an experience I had! I also handed over my CD that I made for her and said, “If you get a chance, I would love for you to listen to it as I have learned so much from you.” She graciously took my CD and then posed for a few pictures with Nancy and me. The night ended with me feeling amazing and my heart warmed with the experience of my first concert and best of all, it was a Linda Eder concert!

Jason Tyler from Massachusetts writes…

Fans Jason Tyler and Michael Santos with Linda

On Monday, August 12th, Linda Eder took the stage at the Crown and Anchor in Provincetown for the first of her two nights in town. This is at least the 20th time that I have seen Linda, and once again, she was brilliant. It was great to see both new faces and familiar followers in the audience in support of her. I am sure many of those new faces will be back for more. 

In typical Linda fashion, her set included a compilation of some of her great tunes that folks know and love such as “Someone Like You,” “Bring On The Men,” “Man Of La Mancha,” and “Mad Hatter.” She also mixed it up a bit and added a little more Broadway with her renditions of “I Dreamed A Dream” from LES MIS, and “Don’t Cry For Me Argentina” from EVITA, to which she got a thunderous applause. Broadway is clearly her genre, and what a voice she has!

To our surprise, Linda dedicated “Vienna” (a crowd favorite) to my husband Michael and me in honor of our recent nuptials. It was absolutely incredible. To be able to dance with him while she serenaded us with that well known tune was the highlight of our vacation. 

Her show was so entertaining that I got tickets for the second night as well. It was just as good, if not better. In that show, the set was relatively the same, but she added in “A New Life,” which is one of my all-time favorites. 

Linda’s demeanor and overall stage presence is just as great as her voice. She engages the audience with stories and little snippets of humor, which really makes the show. It’s always a pleasure to see her.

On our way out the first night, she stayed around a bit and posed for pictures. It’s funny as the fans, especially the new ones, always have the same reaction. “Her voice is amazing!” “She is equally as good, if not better than Streisand!” “She’s so personable!” It’s what makes me and her other many fans come back time and time again.

Thanks again, Linda, for the beautiful dedication, much appreciated.

Linda on stage at the Crown & Anchor in Provincetown, Massachusetts

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