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On the evening of November 26, 2013, Mother Nature attempted to disrupt the best laid plans of Linda Eder, Ellen Jacobs and Amanda Feliu to host a fundraiser benefitting Pets Alive, a no-kill animal shelter based in Middletown, New York. But… she did not succeed! Although many people who had planned to attend were kept away by the weather, the evening was still a huge success for many reasons. Iggy’s did everything to make sure that the evening was a success on their end. The staff and D.J. Lauren were incredible! Linda mingled casually among the crowd… personally greeted all the fans who attended… posed for photos… and sang songs from her latest CD, CHRISTMAS WHERE YOU ARE. Most important of all, well over $1000 was raised to help the staff at Pets Alive provide for the animals through the long winter ahead. We hope you enjoy the experience of being there through the words and photos of fans.

Photos courtesy of Robert Goldberg

Robert Goldberg from New York writes…

The torrential rains and bone chilling cold could not put a damper on the CD launch party that Linda Eder had at Iggy’s Karaoke Bar in New York City yesterday. The evening had a second purpose, one very close to Linda’s heart as a small “entry” fee was collected as a donation/fundraiser to Pets Alive, the wonderful no kill shelter in Middletown, New York.

Affectionately and appropriately known as “The Voice” (long before NBC usurped the phrase for its reality TV show), Linda sang  from her new CD “CHRISTMAS WHERE YOU ARE” and held a meet and greet, CD signing and photo op with adoring fans. The CD has holiday standards PLUS new songs written by Linda with a collaboration on one song by Frank Wildhorn. She is joined in one duet by her son Jake and backed by a choir led by musical director Lisa Gwasda on other tracks. With a wonderful band accompanying her, Linda has made a CD that everyone will love.

Coming from as far away as Maryland as Nicole and her boyfriend did and Illinois as Meghan did, the packed house  was treated to a wonderful Linda Eder experience.  Proving to be as nice as she is talented, and we all know how enormously talented Linda is, she spent time talking to each and every one of us, asking questions and showing genuine interest.

I am in need of a service dog and Linda loved him, tried to pick him up for a photo (he has my genes and is quite heavy)  and gave her fans an experience to remember. 

Thank you, Linda Eder, for a wonderful night, for years of great entertainment, for wonderful CDs, for hours upon hours of musical enjoyment, and most of all for being the warm, caring person that you are. AND as a postscript, I am in theatre, V. P. and Asst. Treas. of an Off – Broadway Theatre, and my dad was in a few Broadway shows. In all my years associated with “the business,” I have never seen the love shown for an artist as Linda’s fans show for her, and that love was returned by Linda. It was truly a magical experience being there.


Maureen Stewart from New York writes...

Have you ever been to a party at Linda’s house? No? Well, neither have I but my guess is that being at Iggy’s for the Pets Alive benefit is as close as most of us will ever get. Music and laughter were the stars of the evening and there was no shortage of either one!

Linda with some of her long-time fans! From left to right: Maureen Stewart, Ellen Jacobs, Lisa McDougall, Regan Van Dunk, Linda, Trish Burns, Bill Budris, Judi Mc Cabe, Amanda Feliu, Nancy Comerford, Lisa Gwasda, and Linda Carbo
(photo by Lori Zapata)

When the show was posted on Facebook, I noticed one of the comments being that “with her talent” they would rather see Linda “at a venue like 54 Below or Cafe Carlyle.” We’ve all seen Linda in concert, in large halls with a full orchestra, at her spectacular Christmas shows backed by a choir, and in small clubs with a 3-piece ensemble, and every time she is fabulous beyond compare. We all love the Diva but I think one of Linda’s greatest “talents” and what sets her apart from all other performers is her realness, the way she makes you feel that you are as important to her as she is to you. She feels like an old friend. That’s what Iggy’s was, time spent with good friends (old and new), kicking back, having a few drinks and just really enjoying each other’s company.

Think about taking away the stage that separates you from Linda at a concert. Gone is the assigned seating; stand where you want and dance along to the music. Think about seeing her completely relaxed, out of the gowns and high heels, totally comfortable in a pair of jeans and boots. It was an experience unlike any other and certainly not like any “concert” you’ve ever been to of hers.

There was a professional photographer on hand, Lori Zapata, who took photos of everyone with Linda while they were getting their CDs signed. 

The price of admission for all of that? $10! WHAT? Yeah, $10! I felt so guilty only paying that price that I wrote out a check for what we should have paid… LOL. And none of that money went to Linda; it all went to her favorite charity, Pets Alive. Linda even played auctioneer, auctioning off autographed t-shirts to raise additional money, one going for as high as $250!

I’ve gone on about Linda but the night wasn’t all about her, and she made sure you knew that. Other, very brave, people got up and performed Karaoke and some were downright amazing! Imagine being a performer yourself and getting to sing for Linda. I can only imagine the thrill! I can’t forget Lisa Gwasda and members of her choir who backed Linda on many of her songs; they added just another wonderful element to the evening!

What else is there to say except that I sincerely hope they make this an annual event!

Oh, and apparently, Ellen, Amanda and Linda all want a Hooooola Hoop for Christmas… you just had to be there… LOL!

Have a great Christmas everyone!


They say a picture is worth a thousand words! ...

(Special thanks to Photographer and Fan Lori Zapata for sharing these beautiful images!)

Linda and the "Eder-tors" Ellen Jacobs and Amanda Feliu perform a karaoke vesion of the Christmas classic "The Chipmunk Song."

Linda and Lori Zapata

Linda and Lisa Gwasda

Linda and Bill Budris
Bill won a kiss from Linda as part of the
"mini auction" for a Pets Alive t-shirt

Linda and Gary Kenajian
Linda and Gabriella Greco

Linda and Nichole McCready
Linda and Christian Quinones

Such fun!
Linda and Antonio Giovanni

Linda and Lynn Adler
Singing "Grown Up Christmas List"

Rockin' out!

Linda and Choir Director Lisa Gwasda and
members of the Holiday Choir.
Choir members L - R, Back row: Lisa Gwasda, Colleen Meade, Nicholas Harbison, Chris White; Front row: Courtney Berghahn, Matt Leonard, Melissa Wozniak.

"Rockin' Hey!"
Linda on stage with members of the Holiday Choir, L-R: Christopher Klaich, Lisa Gwasda, Colleen Meade, Nicholas Harbison, Matt Leonard, and Courtney Berghahn.

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