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Linda Eder performs "Man of La Mancha" at the Tilles Center
(Video courtesy of Maureen Stewart / photos in video by Lori Zapata)


On the afternoon of October 27, 2013, Linda drove “her bus” to Brookville, New York where she joined the Nassau County Pops Symphony Orchestra at the Tilles Center for the Performing Arts for an afternoon of beautiful music benefitting the United Cerebral Palsy Association of Nassau. It was a perfect afternoon enjoyed by those fortunate enough to be in attendance.



Fan Lou Cabibi and Linda
Linda with Fans Katrina and Chris Longo
(Lou's daughter and son-in-law -- because sharing Linda's music with family is special!)

Lou Cabibi from Florida writes…

There is definitely something very special when Linda sings with a 30 piece orchestra behind her. This was the case when Linda did a benefit concert with the Nassau County Pops Symphony Orchestra to benefit Cerebral Palsy on Sunday afternoon, October 27, 2013.

Linda was the special guest and came out on stage after the orchestra played for an hour. So this is why we love her. She gave us a mix of 12 songs all incredibly done! Linda drove with her bus driver hat on to Long Island just to be a “guest star?” Yes, because Linda is a humanitarian and gave her support for such a worthy cause. Not only that, but it was announced that proceeds from the sale of her Christmas CD went to this worthy cause. Thank you, Linda.

Not surprisingly, Linda did not perform any songs from her new Christmas CD. Why? My guess is that Linda was not there to make a quick buck. She gave so much of herself in the songs she sang. It was not disappointing to me that she didn’t sing her usual concert song list. She gave us “Vienna,” “Man of La Mancha,” and “Don’t Rain on My Parade.” She ended this concert with a very touching "If I Had My Way,” very fitting for the one year anniversary of SANDY. Linda’s encore brought a tear to everyone’s eyes. She sang “God Bless America” with a handicapped gentleman in a wheelchair clearly afflicted with cerebral palsy.

After the show, Linda came into the lobby and so graciously met with her fans, and no one was complaining that cerebral palsy patients went in front of the line to see her. Such a gracious lady.

Let me just mention that Linda sounds better and better as time marches on. Her voice was as strong as ever, not to mention how beautiful she looks. I can’t wait for her January concert in West Palm Beach, Florida. Front row Linda! See you when
I get home.



Fan Linda Carbo and Linda

Linda Carbo from New York writes…

Linda Eder… The Woman Behind the Voice

The first time I heard Linda Eder sing was in a lounge show in Atlantic City; I didn’t know her name, who she was, or why someone with such a powerful, beautiful and sultry voice would be singing in the lounge – slot machines ringing nearby, people talking, bells ringing, the usual “gambler’s paradise.” I stopped in my tracks to look and listen to the person who controlled a song like no one else; who is this person with such an amazing voice? Unfortunately for me, it was her last set for that evening. I listened to her last two songs but her voice remained with me, and I knew I just had to learn more about her.

A few months later, a friend of mine who was competing in the Miss America Pageant called me and wanted me to listen to a song that she was thinking about performing for her talent presentation. And again, that same voice from the lounge show was the voice I heard. Needless to say she did sing “A New Life” and won Miss America that year. (Just happened to be a song that Linda sang in “Jekyll & Hyde” on Broadway)

In the years since (many years), I have attended many concerts and I’m always amazed at Linda’s love for singing and her love for performing. What she creates when she sings… her mood for each song is incredible. Her voice is something that when you hear it for the first time, you are addicted to it. 

I attended the Tilles Center show on Sunday, October 27, and she still amazes me.  No one can sing a song with the emotion and presentation that Linda Eder can. She sang with the Nassau Pops Symphony Orchestra, and I was as fascinated as I was when I heard her for the first time in Atlantic City. When you attend a Linda Eder concert, it is like no other concert you have been to before because of what she brings to the stage, her style. She not only sings a song – she performs it!!! That night she got many standing ovations, not only from her regular fans, but by many people who have never been to her concert before.

The reason why I continue to try to attend as many concerts as I do is not only because of her beautiful voice, it is seeing how she relates to her audience, which she does in each and every show. I would like to say her personality and charisma with her fans is far beyond what any fan can expect when meeting Linda, whether for the first time or every time they come to say hello to her. She makes you feel that you are the only person there.

And… PS… I love her new Christmas CD and have bought one for each of my friends. The line for the CDs was huge and long. I guess many people feel the same way that I do!

Fan Maureen Stewart and Linda

Maureen Stewart from New York writes…

Linda performed at the Tilles Center on Long Island with the Nassau Pops Symphony Orchestra in a benefit concert for the United Cerebral Palsy Association of Nassau County. And what a performance it was! But while Linda put on her usual amazing performance, the first standing ovation of the night was not for her but for the band Creation. The band is made up of individuals with Cerebral Palsy and they were awe-inspiring; it was truly a privilege to see them perform.  Maestro Panacciulli read a beautiful poem titled “Just Like You” written by a girl from the UCPN Center. There was not a dry eye in the house as the poem beautifully described the hurt of being treated differently, yet having feelings just like everyone else. The performance and the poem were poignant reminders of why we were there that evening.

As many times as I have seen Linda perform, I have never had the pleasure of seeing her backed by a full orchestra.  I have the Frank Wildhorn & Friends – Live From Vienna CD (which I HIGHLY recommend!), so I had an idea of what I was missing out on, but it is something you can only fully appreciate live and in person.  Linda can sing anywhere, anytime backed by any musicians and it is special, but in my opinion, this is how Linda’s beautiful voice was meant to be heard. With an orchestra Linda can pull out all the stops, and that’s exactly what she did at the Tilles Center.

She opened with “Through the Eyes of Love,” “Almost Like Being in Love” and “Someone Like You,” and then brought the crowd to their feet with “Don’t Cry for Me Argentina.” Next, Linda pulled out a rare gem with “Don’t Rain on My Parade,” which shines with a full orchestra. Is it really humanly possible to hold that last note like Linda does?

Linda then took a seat for a pristine version of “Chasing Rainbows/Somewhere Over the Rainbow,” which my mother apparently thought was a sing along! “Climb Ev’ry Mountain” was next and was followed by the song everyone was waiting for… “Vienna.” As Linda said, “’Vienna could be played on a kazoo, but it was made to be played by an orchestra.” She couldn’t be more right (Of course, I would still love to hear her kazoo version!).

Next up was a show-stopping rendition of “I, Don Quixote.” If you only heard one song in this show, this was the one to hear. It showcases Linda at her most powerful, playful and passionate. Changing gears, Linda then sang “If I Had My Way,” which was written after 911. It is always touching to hear Linda sing this song; twelve years later and clearly she still gets emotional singing it. The evening was capped off perfectly with “God Bless America,” which Linda sang with one of the members of Creation.
So, all in all, it was a wonderful evening. Not only did Linda share her talent for this very worthy cause, she also donated the proceeds of her new CD “Christmas Where You Are” that she sold that night. And if you saw the line of people waiting to get them autographed after the show, you would understand how generous that was.

Photos courtesy of Lori Zapata


On November 8, 2013, Linda was “on the road again,” bringing with her a set list of wonderful and varied songs to sing and lots of copies of her new CD, CHRISTMAS WHERE YOU ARE, to sell and autograph. Her first stop was at Harrah’s in Atlantic City, New Jersey where she wowed the crowd.

Fan Gary Kenajian and Linda

Gary Kenajian from New York writes…

It was not your typical Linda Eder crowd. Doors opened at 8p.m. and the crowd was sparse.

I had driven 110 miles. This was probably my 25th time seeing Linda perform, and it seemed unusual that there wasn’t that pre- buzz that comes along with every one of her concerts. Whether it was the Paper Mill Playhouse, NYC, Ocean Grove or 54 Below, the anticipation is always fun.

I sat in the 4th row center that night between a woman, who came to the show while her husband was gambling, and two other weary female gamblers. Still, I was excited for a great night. At 9p.m., the lights dimmed, the audience filled, the seats, and the announcement came, “Ladies and Gentlemen, Linda Eder.”

From the very beginning Linda lit up the stage. The weary female gamblers suddenly sat up and were smiling and clapping their hands. The woman, whose husband was gambling, leaned over to me and said, “Look what he’s missing!!”

That’s how I felt exactly. Linda has the ability to connect. Whether I’m listening to her at the gym or seeing her in person, she has a quality that’s hard to put into words. Maybe it’s the ability to make you feel great. She recollected her shows at Harrah’s 25 years ago and the songs she sang at her father’s club and on Star Search. But I reminisced about the first time I heard her sing “Someone Like You” in 1997, when she sang it and was transported as Lucy for a brief moment!

By the end of her show, Linda had received several standing ovations and was smiling from ear to ear. I even saw tears rolling down the cheeks of some guests who were obviously moved. I’m glad my neighbors were there to enjoy this gem.

Afterwards, Linda greeted fans and signed her new CD. What a night! 

After a good night’s rest, Linda packed up her suitcase and her CDs and left for the Philadelphia Airport where she and her band members would board the plane for Chicago. The next stop on November 9th would be Skokie, Illinois where a very enthusiastic crowd was awaiting her arrival.

Fan Todd Bulmash and Linda

Todd Bulmash from Illinois writes…

“So, what did you think?” someone asked me after I walked out of Linda’s November 9th concert at the North Shore Performing Arts Center in Skokie, Illinois. Having attended numerous Linda concerts in the past, I was ready for a great night. However, after the concert was over, I was speechless. I could not put into words how much I enjoyed the concert! The “trip down memory lane” show was a true time capsule. Opening the show with “Through the Eyes of Love,” which was the song Linda performed for the finale of Star Search ’88 all the way until the last note of “Somewhere Over the Rainbow,” the evening was filled with songs that defined her extraordinary career.
No matter how you were first introduced to the music of Linda Eder, chances were the first song you heard was included in this show.   That evening Linda sang songs like, “Someone Like You” and “A New Life” from Jekyll & Hyde, “Man of LaMancha,” as performed at Broadway’s Leading Ladies, “Vienna,” made famous by Linda’s performance on the Rosie O’Donnell show to the many songs recorded for her CD’s.

One special highlight from the concert came when Linda acknowledged the generous fans that had left quarters on the stage to donate to Pet’s Alive.  While Linda was talking, one gentleman walked up to the stage and handed Linda a shiny silver bucket filled with quarters.  You could tell that Linda was stunned by his generosity. 

After the show Linda came out to the lobby for a meet and greet and to sign her new Christmas CD.  Even with more than 100 people in line, Linda took time to meet with every person.  Linda was signing CD’s, taking pictures and talking to everyone who came up to see her.  It is reasons like this that Linda’s fans feel a true connection to her.
It was truly a magical night and a concert that was not to be missed.

Fan Scott Gryder, Linda Eder, and Fan Nick Sula

Scott Gryder from Illinois writes…

Linda Eder - As Musically Stunning As Ever

The audience fell silent as soon as the lights dimmed and the band entered, and then the crowd erupted with applause as the beloved Linda Eder took to the Center Theatre stage at the Northshore Center for the Performing Arts in Skokie, IL. Linda began her first number as the applause continued to underscore the music. As usual, you could see how comfortable and yet emotionally vibrant she was at her place center stage. For anyone who's seen Linda Eder before, this focused energy and loving musical embrace came as no surprise. But for first-time Linda Eder concert goers, this would be an unforgettable experience. New fans converted.
Linda looked elegant in a daring long, black suit with a leopard print lining and wearing accents of shining jewelry with just the right amount of sparkle. Musically, Linda Eder is a vocal master, seamlessly traveling between chest and head voice to capture the emotion of the song. And, of course, the unique color of her signature whistle tone is the musical icing of her performance. Throughout the night, Linda Eder and her all-star band: Billy Stein, piano; David Finck, bass; Jerry Marotta, drums; and Peter Calo, guitar/keyboard; showered us with music from a broad spectrum of styles. As this was a musical journey based on Linda’s performance career, the repertoire covered standards, Eder gems, and soon-to-be new Eder favorites. 
This “walk down memory lane” opened with “Through the Eyes of Love” from Ice Castles, harkening back to her first performance on Star Search, remembering Ed McMahon’s continued mispronunciation of her last name. Linda then hit us with a bold and brassy rendition of “Stormy Weather.” To follow, leading in with a personal story of her first days of singing while working her first job as a dishwasher in her father’s restaurant, Linda wooed us with a heart-wrenching “I’m Not Lisa.” Since she was having technical difficulties with her iPad, and seeing as different song sets had been shared, Linda accidently skipped a song. Without missing a beat, Linda commented, “this is better” with a chuckle, as she began the Eder anthem “Someone Like You” from Jekyll & Hyde. We soon found out that Linda loves her reverb, and we do too! From previous concerts, Linda brought back the jumpy character tune “The Mad Hatter” from Broadway’s Wonderland. Throughout the song, Linda utilized what I like to call her “mic-ography,” the signature microphone movements initiated when she’s belting those golden high notes. Accompanied with tight vocal harmonies from master guitarist Peter Calo, Linda welcomed audience participation for her performance of “Fernando.” I could have used a few more rounds of the chorus just to have more time to sing with Linda. Then, telling of her traumatic experience from her 2nd concert ever where the music started 5 keys too high, Linda sang “Sam, You Made the Pants Too Long.” What an incredible vocal belt! Over the musical break, Linda entertained with her personalized dance technique which requires that the “feet never leave the ground” as it’s “safer that way.” From Linda’s favorite musical, Evita, she floated a beautifully lullabied version of “Don’t Cry for Me Argentina,” which grew to a glorious balladic finish. From there, as a complement to Pop icon Adele, Linda performed a solid rendition of “Rolling in the Deep.”  
Linda then told us of her embarrassing incident from a previous performance where she had attempted to pick up a quarter from the stage, not knowing that it had been purposefully nailed there, inspiring donations to the animal sanctuary Pets Alive. This explained the piles of quarters left on the stage by fans before the show started, more inspired donations from fans. Again, the ever-relatable humanity of Linda is revealed. Then, Linda simply vocally floated through “I Dreamed a Dream” from Les Miserables, soaring with emotion. To continue the connection from the quarters story, I’d say Linda “nailed” this song.  Opening the door to her past relationship with composer Frank Wildhorn, Linda discussed the saddening string of devastating events occurring globally and shared “More than Heaven” as a dedication to those affected. As Linda sang, it felt like she was giving us a blessing with her song. And next, even though Linda claims she’s “not a theatre person,” having chosen choir as she was forced to choose between choir or drama in school, she shared a soaring and easy “Climb Every Mountain.” Then, the energy onstage shifted when Linda launched into “Son of a Preacher Man.” Linda really began to groove. You could see how she was definitely in her element and at home with this song and style. Afterwards, the band kept the beat going as Linda sang Mancini/Mercer’s “Charade,” which I excitedly found reminiscent of her “Bring on the Men” from Jekyll & Hyde. Speaking of Jekyll and Hyde, Linda continued the concert with “A New Life,” which she told us inspires letters from fans mentioning how this song helped them through tough times. I admittedly found her soaring rendition inspiring as well. And I also smiled at the way Linda gently shook her head when the audience jumped to their feet and roared with applause afterwards. She is so breathtakingly humble. As she said, “Thank you so much,” my heart cried back, “Thank YOU so much, Linda.” Then, Linda brought great passion and a musical fire to the stage with her performance of “Vienna,” as the melody vibrated throughout the theatre. To end the set, adding a delightfully over exaggerated tongue roll to the start of the number, Linda gave the audience a musical hug with an invigorating performance of “Man of La Mancha,” including the thrilling whistle tone line through the instrumental break. As an encore, since Linda likes “to do this one last,” the house was brought to tears with her medley of Judy Garland hits “I’m Always Chasing Rainbows/Over the Rainbow.”

Thank goodness I had my writing utensil with me throughout the evening, so I could hold it between my teeth and wouldn’t repeatedly be caught with my jaw dropped in awe. The stunning night of music in the elegant Center Theatre, is a well-deserved far cry from the “three shows a night” from Linda’s club beginnings. And when Linda shares her gift of songs and stories with us, we are even further transported from our seats in the theatre to a more intimate setting within our hearts. To Linda I say, “Brava!”


Fan Treia Krieger, Linda, and Fan Mary Vesce

Treia Krieger from Illinois writes…

Saturday, November 9, my sister, Mary, and I were up early for our six hour drive to see Linda at North Shore Center for the Performing Arts in Skokie, IL. This is a beautiful theater where we had seen Linda when she was promoting her "Now" CD two years ago. Before settling into our seats, it was so nice to visit with fans we have met at previous concerts.

I scribbled notes in the dark, hoping I wasn't disturbing anyone, writing the name of each song and my first impression. Oh my, how hard it was to decipher the next day. When I sat down to write this, I found the same set list that Mark Pupillo included from the Mohegan Sun on October 25th, so I won't include it here. 

Linda was dressed simply in black, but the animal print lining of her long jacket and the sequins on her tank top made the look glamorous. 

Linda told us the theme of the show is a walk down memory lane. Even though I have seen some of the old Star Search footage, I didn't know “Looking Thru the Eyes of Love” from Ice Castles was the first song she sang in that competition. 

David Finck was featured on bass on “Stormy Weather,” and the first timers in the audience were treated to Linda's upper register and breath control. Such a delight for seasoned fans, too.

It was my turn for the walk down memory lane when she started “Someone Like You.” The first time I heard Linda was when she sang that song on the Rosie O'Donnell show when she was in Jekyll & Hyde on Broadway. Rosie showed both a cast recording and “It's Time” CD as Linda finished. I turned the television off, drove to the music store and bought them both that day. When Linda talked later about Colm Wilkinson singing “Bring Him Home" to her, I realized that must have been when they were recording the CD I bought that day, the “Highlights From Jekyll & Hyde.”

A song I have never heard before was Linda's opportunity to ham it up. “Sam, You Made the Pants Too Long,” had a safer rendition of the traditional soft shoe.  Linda's three inch heels never left the ground, but her exaggerated arm movements made us believers. Linda even took us back to her high school days, working in her father's restaurant and singing one song a night with the house band, “I'm not Lisa.” David Finck was memorable on bass when she sang “Climb Every Mountain.” I found myself holding my breath, not wanting it to be over. These songs that are not on any CD that I can listen to over and over again are jewels to me. 

Linda told about the letters she receives describing how “A New Life” inspires hope to so many. I also am deeply affected by this song; it has been my cell phone ringtone the last four years since my divorce. I cry during the song, including my left eye. I tell my sister, who now cries tears of joy. I share this because I have had Bell's Palsy for five weeks with no tear production in that eye, and this is significant. Oh, how I am dreading the photo opportunity later with Linda. In the past, it is my favorite, but my face is a wreck. 

Linda brought the house down with “Vienna” and “Man of La Mancha.” They are like my children… I will never be able to choose which is my favorite. Jerry Marotta on drums kept the beat going all night. Linda had terrific background vocals and guitar from Peter Calo, especially on “Fernando” and “Son of a Preacher Man.” Billy Stein was a wild man on that last one, but closed the night simply with only the piano and Linda for her encore of “I'm Always Chasing Rainbows/Over the Rainbow.”

I was hoping to hear one of the new Christmas songs since I had been listening to my new CD all week. Even though some might think they are for December, I listen whenever I am in the mood. This new collection of songs is too perfect to listen to only one month a year!

Fan Cynthia Stanford Suppon, Linda, and Fan Ciara Stanford

Cynthia Stanford Suppon from Minnesota writes…

Linda And The Fantastic Four

What an honor to write about my experience at Linda's November 9th Skokie, Illinois show at the North Shore Center for the Performing Arts. This was a special night for me because I was able to share it with my niece Ciara. For me, it has been an almost 18 year love affair of the heart and soul since Leap-Year baby Ciara arrived with much anticipation in Scotland. I flew over the big pond to greet her and was instantly smitten... in much the same way as when I heard Linda Eder's lush and naturally expressive voice for the very first time, and thought, “Oh my, what a beautiful gift from God.”

I have been fortunate to attend many of Linda's concerts, and I had already experienced Linda's excellent strolling-through-time show in Minneapolis this past August with my husband John. The show was so good that it should have been recorded... so I just had to take Ciara, who hadn't had Linda on her radar until this past July. As I drove the two of us to Skokie, I asked Ciara if she had ever been to a concert in this type of a venue. Somehow I had neglected to ask this in the 100,000 giddy and girly emails we had sent each other over the past few weeks.  She shared that she'd been to a rock concert, so I said, “Let me guess (drawing on past experience from way back in my history). You never sat down the entire time?” She retorted, “I couldn't sit down. I was in a mosh pit!” I chuckled and replied, “I can guarantee you that there will be no mosh pits of any kind at this concert.” The mental image of that happening still had me laughing inside while we grabbed a quick dinner and then headed into the venue, where we were quickly ushered into our center, near-front row balcony seats. Somewhat like the Pantages in Minneapolis, the North Shore Center has an intimate feel, though entirely contemporary, with a deep main floor, some small, side box seats off of the single balcony, which is set back about one third the distance of the floor seating. Since I have only ever had floor seating, this was a new experience for me, and I wondered how the acoustics would be. 

We looked down at the open stage, which was bare of any ornamentation or decoration, but occupied by Linda's four piece band. As soon as Linda's name was announced and she came onto the stage singing the theme from the movie, “Ice Castles,” the stage became warm, inviting and full. Linda went into a smoldering, jazzy version of “Stormy Weather” and after that, we were so drawn into the performance by Linda and her fellow musicians that the set list became inconsequential. I used to marvel at how Linda could perform live, sounding exactly the same as her recordings. If it is possible for someone to eclipse one's own career to date, Linda has done just that, adding more dramatic interpretation,  presentation and vocal nuances than any on recording to date, with the exception of her new CD “Christmas Where You Are,” which shows off her incredible range, warmth and charm like never before. 

All too soon, the concert was over, and we joined the long line of people out in the lobby, waiting to meet Linda and purchase her new CD. Ciara had accidentally left her new CD I'd sent for at home, so I purchased two more, just so she'd have one signed by Linda. When we finally got up to Linda, my mind went to mush, and I was certain that nothing meaningful came out of my mouth! Linda signed my CD, then I introduced Ciara, forgetting to give Linda Ciara's CD to sign (mentalpause anyone?) and Linda asked Ciara her age... we were both so gob-smacked that we have no idea what any of us said after that. We asked if the lovely ladies behind us would take a photo or two, and then we moved away, remembering to tell a smiling Linda how much we loved her song with Jake. As we walked away, Ciara (key-rah...celtic meaning: dark haired beauty) the tall, blonde, green-eyed girl I adore, said the adorable, "I can't believe I just met a real star!" 

Here's the list Ciara made that night with her exact impressions about her first Linda Eder concert experience:
*honest, emotive performance
*diverse-amazing variety and vocal range
*great band-fantastic musicians all around and amazing back-up vocals
*pure sound vocally – “I Dreamed a Dream” was breathtaking (note: we were both wiping away tears after that song)
*“Someone Like You” was incredibly memorable
*honest stage presence
*meeting Linda after the show: genuine, nice, sweet, and pretty

On the way home that night, Ciara had said, “Aunt Cynthia, now I know why you love Linda so much... yes, she has a gorgeous voice, but her life stories shared on stage and then meeting her afterwards show how real and beautiful she is inside... thank you so much for taking me tonight.”

Thank you, Linda, and The Fantastic Four for an evening and experience with my beloved niece that neither of us will ever forget!

  Photos courtesy of Charles of Boca  

On November 14th, Linda set out on a long road trip that would begin in Warren, Ohio and from there continue on to two more venues in Michigan. Instead of driving her bus this time, Linda would be driving a truck and enjoying the sights along the way.

Fan Shari M. Sacolick and Linda

Shari M. Sacolick from Ohio writes…

I've been a life-long fan of Linda Eder, and this was my second experience seeing her perform live. This was really more of a “lovely evening with Linda Eder” than a concert in that she didn't just sing song after song and leave. She was extremely personable and witty and explained the history and sentiment of each song. I wish I could report about my favorite song she sang at the concert, but I truly loved them all.

You could hear a pin drop in Packard Music Hall when she sang. No one wanted to miss a single second of it. Her voice is ethereal, clear and angelic. Her vocal range is astounding and breath-taking. No matter how high she sang, her voice was pitch-perfect and smooth. As she ended the concert with the song “Somewhere Over The Rainbow,” I noticed that some individuals were listening with their eyes closed. I know why; they wanted to fully immerse themselves in her sweet voice. I am looking forward to listening to her new CD “Christmas Where You Are.” I am sure that I will have hours and hours of enjoyment with the new CD just as I have repeatedly watched her Christmas PBS special over and over again.

After the concert ended, Ms. Eder made herself available to her fans. She was so kind and caring and compassionate. I had previously exchanged several messages with her on her Facebook page. She even recognized who I was when I mentioned my mother's matza ball soup when I met her after the concert. She looked at me and said, “Shari!” I was shocked and speechless that she cared enough to remember my name!

The world is definitely a better place because Linda is a living angel. Not only to all of us, but also to animal friends!

On November 15th as part of the triple road trip, Linda spent the second evening at The Potter Center in Jackson, Michigan. She and the band had a great time here because of the very vocal and enthusiastic crowd that greeted them from the first note.

Fan Sandra Knechtges and Linda

Sandra Knechtges from Michigan writes…

I first heard Linda Eder when she was on a morning show promoting her latest CD, “It's Time.” I heard this voice coming from the tv and had to know who that was, so I paid attention when the host held up the CD and thanked Linda. The next day I went to the record store (they still exhisted at the time) and bought “It's Time.”

I listened to the CD while cleaning, and then the song Man of La Mancha came on, the song had come to the bridge, I was only half paying attention then stopped when my brain finally registered that it was her voice I was hearing over the music. I went back reset the song and listened to it with my full attention focused on her voice. I was floored.

Each payday I went and bought another Eder CD starting with Jekyll & Hyde Highlights and then the complete soundtrack. I was hooked… I became a fan. Her range amazed me and her voice had the ability to give you chills, yet no song she performed can give chills the way “If I Had My Way” can. It wasn't long before I was waiting for each new CD to come out, hear what new heights she would reach vocally and what new depths she would reach emotionally. She never disappointed in either.

I've seen Linda once before in concert, and she was amazing. My sister went with me that night. She had only heard of Linda through my CDs. She was impressed as well. What you hear on a CD is nothing compared to hearing her live.

I have recently listened to her newest Christmas CD “Christmas Where You Are.” If one did not believe in how perfect her pitch was before this, there can now be no doubt. Both of her original songs are excellent, but my favorite was her rewriting the lyrics to “Baby It's Cold Outside,” giving her the leading part and singing it as a duet with her son. It sounded like they really had a good time recording that song.

This time in concert I went with a friend of mine, and Linda was doing a CD signing of her new Christmas CD. Her set was what she called “a walk down memory lane.” She performed songs that I have never heard before, including the theme from “Ice Castles,” “Stormy Weather” and “Blue Skies,” as well as many of the songs that we know and love, such as “Someone Like You,” and “ Man of La Mancha.” I will not go through the entire set; that is something better to experience than read about.

After the show Linda had a CD signing for her new CD “Christmas Where You Are.” She took her time to talk to her fans and take pictures. I am happy to say that she is as gracious as she is talented (and tall). Thank you, Linda, for a spectacular evening. It is one that I will never forget.


Photos courtesy of Charles of Boca


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