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As the world prepares to celebrate Christmas 2013 and ring in the New Year, Linda has shared her personal reflections on what this season means to her. As you read her words, it will most likely remind you of the opening seconds of "Christmas Waltz/It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year" on her latest CD, CHRISTMAS WHERE YOU ARE...

From our homes to yours, our holiday wish for all of Linda's fan is that you'll capture and keep the spirit of the season all through the coming year! Here's to a wonderful and blessed holiday season and a Happy and Healthy New Year!

Linda officially kicked off her Christmas 2013 Tour on December 8, 2013 at the Ridgefield Playhouse in Ridgefield, Connecticut. The weather tried to put a damper on the evening, but Linda would not allow that to happen if she could help it. She had the backing of some very special prayers, and she did indeed fool Mother Nature! The show went off without a hitch and the wildly enthusiastic audience enjoyed every moment.

Linda’s friend and co-producer of CHRISTMAS WHERE YOU ARE, Kim Scharnberg, and his significant sweetheart, Gwynn Griffin, were thrilled to be able to share the stage with Linda and with each other as part of her band on this magical evening.

Linda with Kim and Gwynn after the show

“For Gwynn and for me, it was such a wonderful experience to not only share the stage (and recreate some of our parts from the new album) with Linda, but also with each other! I realized on the way to the dress rehearsal that I hadn't actually played trombone for Linda since the concert at the Gershwin Theatre in 2000 where I'd donned a Santa suit!  It was very fun for me to hear Gwynn's chirping piccolo and beautiful flute sound enhance Linda's always exquisite vocals on the stage at the Ridgefield Playhouse.” ~Kim Scharnberg

“Two years ago, when I first heard Linda singing live with the Houston Symphony as Kim conducted, I was mesmerized by her warmth, her beauty, and her nearly super-human talent. Until the concert in Ridgefield actually happened, it never occurred to me to dream big enough to include such a magical evening as that concert became for me, my family, and hundreds of others. To be on stage with the enormous talent of her band and to have the added beauty of the Holiday Choir was absolutely one of the best nights of my life. I'll forever be grateful to Linda, Billy and Kim for giving me this gift.” ~ Gwynn Griffin

Marilyn Crough Olsen, one of Linda’s voice students, was very excited to attend the Christmas show in Ridgefield and has shared her impressions of Linda as a teacher and performer.

Linda with Fan Marilyn Crough Olsen

“I have been a fan of Linda Eder for quite some time. I first heard her in ‘Jekyll & Hyde’ and fell instantly under the spell of that amazing voice. I have since then obtained several of her albums and have been trying to get to a live concert for several years. Something always seemed to interfere though, and the planets just never seemed to quite align....

Earlier this year, I heard of a Master Class she was teaching at a theatre that I am familiar with, and I decided to grab a spot as soon as I heard about it. I was fortunate enough to be one of the singers she worked with, and it was a simply wonderful experience. Linda makes people feel at ease. She listens, supports and has a genuine gift for reaching to the heart of each person and obtains audible results within just a few minutes. It was impressive. Some master classes that I have been a part of are used as a platform for the instructor rather than focusing on the students. Not so with Linda! She gets right to work and keeps the focus on the person singing. She is as talented a teacher as she is a performer, and that is really saying something!

At the end of the class, she announced that she had started to take on private students and I jumped at the chance to have a full session with her. She is such a pleasure to work with! I was a bit nervous, but again she put me right at ease and we jumped right in. I have since had another lesson and have started to use what we have worked on in my auditions and stage work. I feel quite privileged to have had the time we share and look forward to our next sessions!

This past weekend, Linda did a concert in Ridgefield, CT and I finally got to see her perform live. What a knockout! She is just superb. Her vocal richness, incredible range, strength and emotion are unsurpassed. I was moved to tears on more than one occasion and we, the audience, were on our feet several times during the show. Brava!

After the show, Linda had a session to autograph her new CD, ‘Christmas Where You Are.’ It is her second Christmas disc, and the quality is as high as we have come to expect. The title track is one that she wrote herself. It is quite beautiful and a bit poignant. She does a charming re-mix of ‘Baby It's Cold Outside’ with her teenage son, which must have been great fun for both of them. It is definitely fun for the listener, particularly if they have ever had to negotiate with a teenager!

I was again struck by how warm and genuine Linda is when I gave her my copy to sign. She not only knew me, she knew my name and asked about my latest audition! I was touched and humbled and could not have been more impressed. This strong, talented, intelligent woman is also extremely classy. Thanks Linda, you are the best!”

Linda on stage at the Ridgefield Playhouse...

The Holiday Choir, led by Lisa Gwasda (front, center) backstage after the performance

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