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Linda LIVE

Released: 2015

Linda LIVE

Linda LIVE
Released: September 21, 2014

Christmas Where You Are
Released: October 14, 2013

Now Now
Released: March 2011
Soundtrack Soundtrack
Released: October 2009
Greatest Hits Greatest Hits
Released: January 2008
The Other Side of Me The Other Side of Me
Released: September 2008
By Myself By Myself: The Songs of Judy Garland
Released: October 2005
Storybook Storybook
Released: September 2003
Broadway My Way Broadway My Way
Released: February 2003
Gold Gold
Released: February 2002
Christmas Stays The Same Christmas Stays The Same
Released: October 2000
It's Time It's Time
Released: April 1997
It's No Secret Anymore It's No Secret Anymore
Released: September 1999
And So Much More And So Much More
Released: August 1994
Linda Eder Linda Eder
Released: February 1991